Your Walk With The Masters


Ten Channeled Talks by
Illustrious Spirit World Figures
As Channeled Through the Mediumship
of Philip Burley

Timely spiritual messages--from Jesus, Saint Germain, Mother Mary, Edgar Cayce, Kathryn Kuhlman and more--that will touch your heart, and speak to your soul

It is an extraordinary opportunity to be directly guided by spirit beings from the afterlife, whether it is the Master Jesus, Saint Germain, the Mother Mary or others. The messages found in the written transcript and/or audio recordings of their spoken words afford us that deeply meaningful blessing.

Enjoy this wonderful collection of spiritual masters’ talks. What they have to say will touch your heart and mind as they each share their unique personality and character while shedding needed light on many spiritual questions. As you will find, they each speak in a language that is eloquent, compassionate, and wise; you may experience that their sharing is not only timeless and uplifting, but deeply healing to your soul.

The messages found in this rare collection were given by way of teleconferencing to gathered spiritual truth seekers from around the world. Philip Burley, a 30 year veteran of the art form of spiritual mediumship, was the instrument used for these 10 bi-weekly visitations from August 14, 2013 through January 8, 2014.

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1) This book, "Your Walk With The Masters" is not to be confused with my upcoming book, "Voices of Love From the Light," of 300+ pages.

2) The audio recordings may not be playable on iOS mobile devices [Apple iPhones and iPads, etc.]; they should be downloaded and/or played on computers that utilize Flash. From there they may be moved to your iOS mobile device if possible or desired.

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