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To Master Self is to Master Life
Loving Words of Wisdom for Your Spiritual Growth and Liberation

by Saint Germain Through the Mediumship of Philip Burley     

       The entire process of living on earth is about gaining self-mastery through facing and solving problems. In To Master Self is to Master Life, spiritual medium Philip Burley shares his journey toward spiritual self-mastery under the intimate guidance of spiritual master and teacher, Saint Germain. Each week for one year, the 18th century spiritual master shared words of wisdom with Philip, who faithfully recorded them for this book. To Master Self is to Master Life contains timeless wisdom; truths that will inspire and lead the reader to a better understanding of the spirit world and the innate spiritual gifts hidden deep within each one of us.

            I give this message to awakening humanity…. Be masters of yourselves now, and arrive here to glimpse that perfection in all that awaits you, to reflect that earthly journey you presently call life. It is life only if it is of God, if it contains God. This above all is the prerequisite of self-mastery.

Saint Germain

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