The Spirit World
Where Love Reigns Supreme

by Philip Burley

            Is there life after death? To answer this question, I have prepared The Spirit World, Where Love Reigns Supreme. It not only confirms our survival after death, but explains how we will live in the life beyond. It is the simple story of how we, as spiritual beings, will celebrate eternal life and love with those we have loved on earth, the Creator, and all enlightened citizens of those holy spheres of love and light. In that place, where love reigns supreme, all you have ever desired that is good and loving will be yours, and the presence of divine love will be all-pervasive. From this is derived eternal peace and joy in a world populated by those who have mastered life by mastering love.

             One day, without fail, you will find yourself in that world which is the destiny and destination of us all, by the divine right of passage called death. Only it is not death, after all.

Philip Burley

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Mastery Press
ISBN 978-1-883389-17-8


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