The Power of Self Awareness: Ken's Story
A Conversation with Philip Burley

            In this conversation between medium Philip Burley and a young teacher, you will find questions about work, loss, and life common to all of us and answers flowing from spirit with universal meaning. If you are searching for greater satisfaction and contentment in your life’s walk, the content of this booklet will be a light to guide your way.

             Sometimes we think we have to save other people, but the God that lives in me lives in you, and God is just as involved in your life as in my life. Because I have that awareness in relation to my children, I don’t worry about them. They may not walk the path I walk or do things as I would, but they have to live their lives, and I deeply respect that. I’m able to feel secure in watching them find their own way because I’m highly aware that the spiritual cause of life is guiding them. I know they will learn from life as I did—that life itself will teach them. Often I think that our experience is the greatest manifestation of God, because life is God. And since life teaches us, we can also say that God teaches us through life. So we learn. I see it all the time in myself and in others, and it’s the same for you.

Philip Burley

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