The Hum of Heaven
And Other Poems of Man’s Eternal Search for God and Self

by Philip Burley


            According to author Philip Burley, the poems within this book flowed as an outpouring of his heart with the hearts of holy ones from heaven onto earthly paper. A number of poems were written as Philip was caught up in an epiphany, a manifestation of divine presence or power. At such times, he found himself in a state of spiritual grace accompanied by an outpouring of literal love from those in spirit that would bring sudden and unexpected tears to his eyes. Great and deep was this love, in the form of literal heat and light, and it accompanied the writing of most of the poems in this inspired work, The Hum of Heaven.

           An internal pageantry of the heart’s unfolding.

Sylvia Norton, Editor

           God is very real to me; not a concept, but a lifelong experience. I want to share my poems with others who know this-or are waiting to know this-so they can be encouraged to realize they are never alone but always accompanied by a creator who loves them immensely and unconditionally.

Philip Burley

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Mastery Press
ISBN 978-1-883389-16-1


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