On Wings of Love


A Spiritual Journey
Into Healing and the Afterlife

And… 12 Outstanding
Channeled talks from Kathryn Kuhlman,
Dr. Daniel David Palmer, Abraham Lincoln,
George Washington and Saint Germain


From: On Wings of Love Healing Circles, an ongoing prayer effort for individuals, the nation, and the world. Trance-channeler-medium Philip Burley shares his many spiritual experiences with American healing legend, Kathryn Kuhlman over a span of 30 years. This relationship, in its unfolding reality gives impetus to the founding and carrying out—under Kuhlman’s guidance and direction— of the healing effort. Begun with 100 participants in November 2016, the “Wings Circles” are growing and literal healings are taking place as testified to by many in the Circles.

A compelling, easy, enjoyable read. Hard to put down and chock-full of information from the spirit world seldom, if ever, shared on earth before. Each channeled talk will leave the reader spiritually inspired and lifted up to a new level of spiritual realizations intended to liberate and heal. On Wings of Love is a definite classic in the annals of spiritual and religious literature.

  • On Wings Of Love

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