Love Knows No End - A Journal

by Diane Macci

            This is the story of one woman's spiritual walk through grief and loss to find peace after the death of her beloved husband Angelo of incurable colon cancer. During seven years of faithful journaling, Diane Macci listened for her husband's voice, and her writings became the vehicle for his loving messages and for universal wisdom from above. As Diane posed questions and concerns common to many of us, gentle and profound responses flowed onto the pages not only from Angelo, but also from wise guides in the spirit world. Her consistent practices of prayer, meditation, journaling, and mindfulness resulted in her openness to receiving spiritual messages which will light the way for many. Through this book, readers will accompany Diane on her journey and learn the steps they too can take toward personal transformation.

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Mastery Press
ISBN 978-1-883389-19-2


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