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Channeler of Spiritual Master
Saint Germain

Thousands have experienced a heart-healing, life-changing spiritual reading with Philip Burley and the master spirit guide, Saint Germain.

A most warm welcome to my website…


erhaps your present spiritual search has brought you here. The people I serve are a very precious part of my work and life as a professional medium of twenty-seven years. (See Philip’s Story for more).

I absolutely love my work of bringing personal, specific, and inspirational messages from the other side to a loved one on earth.

I have seen countless lives changed for the better as a result of the love, healing, and wisdom received through thousands of spiritual readings I have given in person, over the phone, through radio, and on television. You can read more about their experiences on our Testimonials Page.

This website was especially designed with all of this in mind… to serve the most sincere, deeply searching people.

May this website help you discover your own potential for deeper spiritual awareness. Please explore it at your leisure to learn how you can experience:


With much love and gratitude,