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You Are Not Your Thoughts
Don’t Fight Them; Transcend Them

I receive a number of questions from the public. I don’t always have the time and energy to answer all of them. As a part of this blog, I will begin including some of those questions and their answers that everyone can benefit. While I may be overshadowed while writing the answer to each question I do not seek such overshadowing consciously as these answers come from my own life experience that has taught me the truth of what I write. When I channel I am very aware of the spirit or spirits involved as I see and hear them clearly and distinctly.

What is the best way to permanently change negative patterns of thought?

Y. M.

The first mistake we make is to think that we are our thoughts. And it is only when we take the time to notice how our thoughts often come from out of nowhere that we begin to see that we are not our thoughts.

It is in stepping back consciously from all of our thinking, over time, and just watching it that we become most acutely aware of how not only do our thoughts seem to have a life of their own but also that they often change rapidly rendering us unable to be consistent or have follow through to bring things to completion. It is a common problem. In that sense, all of us suffer from ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder from time to time.

And the worst part is that thoughts lead to other and similar thoughts until a living thought form of them comes to nest in our mental midst.  And the fact that we take exception to them is a clear indication that we do not, from the depths of our heart, feel comfortable with them when especially they are partially or totally incompatible with our closely held sense of morality.

It is not easy to change negative patterns of thought unless we begin to consciously detach from them the moment they appear before us. As healing is a transformative process made possible by converting negative energy into positive energy or unhealthy tissue into healthy tissue, so must we, in order to be healed mentally, transform our negative thought energy to positive thought energy by taking the conscious initiative to watch our thoughts and remain detached from them. Without fighting them or giving them attention the mind heals resultantly.

You may oppose negative patterns of thought by direct denial of them when they appear or you can simply apply a positive thought in their place. But this still does not get to the root of the problem. The mind is the culprit and to try to control it is not nearly as affective as silencing it as just mentioned. This is done through meditation.

I say, without apology or equivocation that I am not my mind! I have observed it so extensively that I know empirically that this is so. It is the nature of the mind, which only appears to exist because of our thoughts—no thoughts, no mind—to lead and mislead. You can blame it on to some ancient cause but I have yet to meet anyone who because they believed in such a thing that they got free from the unpredictability and inconsistency of their mind. It is a universal problem.

Because of the reality of the paradox of the mind it is not even dependable to lead us out of its confusion and often its entrapment. At best, when it is truly aiding us to find the truth of things it can point the way but it cannot take us outside of its circumference of experience. To do that one must transcend or go beyond the mind by way of serious and consistent meditation. Then and only then can you look from afar and know that you are neither your mind nor its thoughts, and that neither are you your body.

In the transcendent state of being all of this begins to become magnificently clear. The operative word thrown around now-a-days is detachment. Yes, I agree. Seek to detach by just watching your mind throughout the day and most especially when you are in meditation.  As you distance yourself from subjective involvement you will find your mind becoming quieter and quieter and eventually silent until you summon it.

A number of years ago I visited a specialist in the medical field to have her tap into my brain wave frequencies. I did not tell her what I was searching for except to say that I wanted her to take look at them and tell me what was going on. After attaching me to an electroencephalograph by way of many electrodes attached to my head, I sat with her and watched the activity of my brain. I couldn’t make heads or tails of it.

After 20 minutes of her silence and watching I asked what was going on. She said that she had been watching me for an extended period of time because I showed a very rare manifestation of brain wave frequencies. She continued by saying that unlike most people the vibrations of my brain stayed almost continuously in alpha, the well-known level of brain wave frequencies associated with meditation. I was elated.

I had been taught and did likewise teach that through consistent meditation, over enough time, one’s brain waves would stay nearly all of the time in alpha or meditation. I was living proof of this fact and I was exceedingly pleased as you can imagine.

Meditation has a deep affect not only on the brain but also upon character. Why? From my perspective—though not a scientific explanation—meditation, when done consistently over enough time, puts us in touch with our spirit, with our eternal Self. And the beginning of becoming aware of that Self lies in detachment from the physical body and our earthly involved mind. By just seeking to observe our mind objectively an awareness comes about that we cannot get otherwise and then begins the awakening.

I know some reading this answer will begin to question its validity. I understand the need, especially with left brain types, to question. And you should do that. But please take into consideration that as long as you work with the mind it will lead and mislead. Is that not your life experience? At this point, do not be concerned about the cause, there are many as to why this is so. Most important is to make effort along the lines I have clearly described. Meditation is the key to liberation from your earthly mind and its considerable tendency to not be consistently reliable and dependable.

Try what I am suggesting—and you have to do it conscientiously—and watch the outcome and see if you are not more and more liberated from being influenced and involved with negative thought patterns. They are a part of everyone’s life and are here to stay—if you haven’t noticed—the way to rise above them is to watch them but do not get involved with them.

You are not your earthly mind or its thoughts or the feelings derived from your thoughts. When you finally realize from meditational, life experience that you are the super-conscious, eternal mind you will have no need to contend with the earthly mind and it will come to be powerless in your new awareness and resolve to be free.


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