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Nothing to Fear about Death
Ignorance Main Cause of Fear

Why Do I fear death?

 Jackie P.

Fearing Death

In all of life’s offerings one of the least favorite topics is death. It is not because death is not a truth or reality; it is because of how we think about death.

Death is life’s last journey; and the more we understand about it, the easier and better we can approach and face it—whether it is our death or others’.

Death Needs to Be Called Transition

The process of the eternal spirit leaving the body permanently is erroneously named. You, the eternal spirit, do not “die.” As a spirit removed from your earthly vehicle, you take the essential life from the body, and therefore it is “life-less.” It is without life because it is without a spirit.

The proper name for this departure is not death—that is the result found in the body; but the proper word is transition or… to leave the body is to go through transitioning from the earth plane to the spiritual plane.

The Need to Be Spiritually Fully Developed

The fact that humans are un-evolved spiritually is at the heart of this matter. Think about it: if a loved one was about to make transition out of their body to enter into the spirit world and you were sitting by them with the full array of spiritual gifts, including and most importantly, spiritual sight or clairvoyance, you could directly see your loved one departing into the life beyond. Further, if you also had the ability to hear the voice of spirit, that is if you were clairaudient, you could listen to what your loved one had to say as they departed.

What would such an opportunity do for you? It would drastically change your awareness, expanding your understanding and experience by leaps and bounds. You would see that there is no need to grieve the departed one in terms of them being “dead.” What is more, by way of spiritual sight and sound, you could communicate with them at will anytime, anywhere.

Spirit Proves Its Existence and Presence

I often have such communications and they come unbidden. It is the gift of spiritual awakening and development. I recall so vividly a class I was giving in the Washington, D.C. area many years ago:  I had just sat down to begin when I saw Christopher Columbus standing to my right and slightly outside of our meditation circle. I laughed because it was a surprise to me and I was puzzled as to why he was there?! I chuckled and said to everyone, “Christopher Columbus is here, standing right there” (pointing to where I saw him standing). I wonder what he is doing here?! I was genuinely wondering. Right away someone said, “Today is Columbus day!”

I had not a clue. In my usual rushing about and driving several hours down from my home in Pennsylvania, I was too busy and completely out of touch with the calendar, and the fact of it being a special day. It was another grand opportunity for spirit to prove itself as being and as being there for both me and the people I was teaching.

One early morning, some years ago, both George and Martha Washington woke me up while appearing in living color over my bed. They were radiant and wearing clothing of their period on earth. By the way in which they appeared and being used to such occurrences, I was not startled. Without prompting, President Washington spoke immediately and said, “We have come to thank you for praying for America and want to encourage you to continue. We are very grateful.” With that they disappeared from my spiritual sight. I had prayed for America at length but I had also prayed for a number of months that they especially, as founding President and first First Lady, would guide our country in its difficulties.

About a decade ago, in the early evening, I was giving spiritual readings to a small group of people in Sacramento, California. Former President Reagan had died the day before. During my giving readings the President appeared in my clairvoyant sight to my left. He said, “I have come because of someone in this circle that I have a connection with.” I thought to myself, “This can’t be. It’s highly unlikely that this is true.” But since I don’t hold back on such receivings, I told everyone that Reagan was there and what he said, followed by, “Is there anyone here that is connected to Reagan?”

 A man sitting directly across from me held up his hand, “My wife and I live in the house that Reagan and his wife lived in when he was first governor of California.”  There it was! I had read sometime prior that indeed the Reagans had lived in a house; that Nancy had refused to live in the governor’s mansion, as it was too old and a fire trap.

Communication with Spirit is Natural, Not Unnatural

Now if such a thing as Columbus, and the Washingtons, and President Reagan appearing to me is possible, it should be and is possible for everyone to have such an experience.

I am not the exception. I am the rule when man is spiritually awakened and developed. It is why I continue, even in these years when most people are retired, to teach and share about the spirit world to anyone who is interested.

Must Get Our Priorities Straight

Our priorities are often incorrect. Most will do everything earthly first and undertake spiritual disciplines when and if there is time left over, and then we wonder why we have not progressed spiritually.

All the religions and their teachings do make a difference in the world; some good, some bad, some in between. But the heart of all spiritual evolvement is spiritual awakening. Saint Francis applied himself so much to his spiritual growth and awakening, he opened up spiritually to a grand and amazing level of spiritual discernment.

Mysticism, Mystical Experiences, and the Mystic

Put into a religious context such awakening has been called a mystical experience, and the person who attains such awakening has been called a mystic.

Yes, centering on the Divine is the core and hallmark of most so-called mystics’ awakenings and having spiritual experiences in dreams, visions, and clear, outright spirit manifestations.

I know that with my own gifts, while inborn in all human beings— whether they know it or not or whether they capitalize on these gifts or not—centering on God is the pivotal point of the highest spiritual awakening and resultant spiritual, mystical experiences.

The work I seek to undertake in teaching others about their God-given spiritual gifts, while called mediumship or becoming mediumistic, is not different from the essential dynamics of awakening in the religious-mystical context. In fact, I consider myself more mystic than medium, and I conduct my life along these lines as well.

Having spiritual gifts to be able to see and hear the spirit world—whether at the permanent departure of a loved one from Mother Earth or when I do a spiritual reading for someone—is deeply meaningful, exceedingly spiritually satisfying, and elevating. However, for me it is not enough. I need and seek to maintain a personal relationship with God at all times, not just as a safeguard, but more importantly as my core and center and reason for living.

We Need Not Fear Death or Dying

No one need fear death or dying. What is more to be concerned about is the fact that you do or don’t take advantage, in this lifetime, to open your spiritual senses—by proper means via clear instruction and practice.

So much grief would be wiped from the earth plane if the masses were awakened and evolved to know, without question or doubt, that there is no death; and yes, their loved one(s) are very much alive in the higher dimension called the spirit world. There is no death or dying to the eternal spirit that we are; there is only life without end…