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Truth Sets Us Free…
Not Means By Which Delivered

Hello Philip,

Like so many who benefit from what you share, I love reading what you send and wish I could just hang around you!

I would like to hear your thoughts about the “still small voice” that people speak of and that some hear. Is that the voice of spirit guides? Is it the divine somehow speaking to us? What is your perception, and what are ways to hear guidance from within? The implications of thinking that everyone can hear their own authentic “still small voice” are huge in terms of reality and of how to help us all work together!


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Dear Victoria,

I believe that we all know logically and intuitively as well as experientially the meaning of the words the still small voice for us. For me discerning the origin of the voice is not as important as finding out—whether the voice is speaking inside or outside, loud or quiet—is it speaking the truth? 

To answer your question more fully and as a whole let me continue: I will do my best to answer your question according to my own direct experience as that is all I have to draw upon. By the way, the origin of the words still small voice can be found in 1 Kings, 19: 11-13 –

Hearing the Voice of God

From the time I was a child I saw and heard the spirit world. While spiritual masters came to me from the other side to guide me in those early years, I was not aware of God appearing in any visible form. In some cases when spiritual masters or angels came, it was God using their finite form to make his infinite Self or will known. For example, when an angel came to me to show me America the sleeping giant several years before 9/11, he greeted me by saying, “I was sent by the Father to show you America the sleeping giant…”

However, at other times I experienced God directly through his voice. I heard a male voice outside of me giving me instructions and manifesting as an all-encompassing presence of love and wisdom. I also could hear this voice, at times, within and this would account for “the still small voice,” that scripture refers to in 1st Kings, Chapter 19.

The voice I heard was not always still or small, but at times authoritative and medium loud. It was never demanding, demeaning, or unloving; just the opposite. While I learned of the “Heavenly Father” that Jesus speaks about in scripture and also as I went to church, I did not ascribe my personal experience and the calling of God my Father to the influence of church attendance or to Jesus’ use of the word. Rather, the label came from very early childhood in which I knew that I came from Heaven and that I had come here under the fatherhood of God. Therefore, I often said to others that I was born knowing God and that I came from God. There was no manner of feeling of superiority or that I was different or better than anyone else. In fact, I always thought that we all came from the same Source and he was the father of all. I never considered anything other than this explanation and I don’t feel any differently today.

To add a bit more regarding the voice of God: When God chose to speak, the experience felt cosmic, and the energy was arrayed all around me, spreading out into the universe 360 degrees. The sound of God’s voice, for me, while from a limitless source, was above all most personal and loving. From the time I was a child until now the manifestation of God has not changed. I can say that this infinite presence was always there as the background energy against which all finite energy manifested; in other words, all of creation, including the spiritual and the physical worlds. I would add that in time I realized that the energy of God was, in an active way, more fatherly, and in a passive way, more motherly.

Hearing the Voice of Spirit

As I grew older I discerned the presence of individual spirits that also came through auditory guidance and I could hear them both inside and outside of my mind. They each came to me with a specific and distinct energy that could be felt and identified as to just who they were. I called it “feel-see.” Their voice manifested usually to my right and sometimes a few feet behind me. I carried on literal conversations with them throughout my childhood and do so even today.

What has helped me over the years is to no longer think of the voice of God or the voice of spirit or spirits unless I am about the business of doing a spiritual reading where differentiation may be helpful and even necessary as a loved one or loved ones come(s) from the spirit world to greet and bring messages to their descendent. What is more, only on rare occasions has God, the Father, ever come through at a reading. Rather, I detect an overshadowing of an infinite nature manifested in limitless light, wisdom and love. In my reading literature I share that when I open a reading with prayer a white light comes down over me and the person I am reading for that unites us into oneness. This is part of the overshadowing presence of God. A most fortunate thing is that I can see the spirit world when needed and so usually in spiritual readings, I hear the voice and see the finite form of the spirit.

When anyone comes to me from the spirit world it is because I am a medium, and they come to me nearly 100% of the time in the early morning hours when I am sleeping. They may come anywhere from 2:00 to 5:00 in the morning. To let me know that they are there, they call my name. Not loudly so as to awaken me abruptly but in a softspoken way. It is as if their voice is coming through the ethers from the finer vibration of the spirit world to the courser vibration of the earth plane. This results at first in my hearing their voice with my spiritual ears, and sometimes later with my physical ears.

Now that they have my attention, I am moved from the very solid sleeping state to an awakened state that is not wide awake but in a semi or full trance as if suspended between this world and the next. This stands to reason in as much as I am in the physical world in a physical body and they are in spirit lowering their vibration to reach me and to awaken me.

What follows next is that I become very aware of a presence beside my bed. Sometimes they touch me gently and I feel the warmth of their touch; and their energy envelops my whole being as if to adjust me to remain suspended between this world and the spirit world.

At times there is no appearance with the voice. At other times I see the person from spirit addressing me standing right next to my bed. I sleep on the left side of the bed so it is to that side that they come to make contact with me.

Remaining still in the trance to semi-trance state I watch, if they appear in spirit form, and I listen to what they have to say and it is through my clairaudience, not my physical ears. To most, without proper training and enough experience, there would be the feeling of simply dreaming and often a fading away of the experience upon awakening so that the experience seems like some distant happening; clear but not clear; remembered but not clearly remembered.

Because they have used me for many years as a channel, usually when they come, and it is seldom more than one person, they ask me to get up and take down dictation. When that happens I become wide awake immediately, no matter the hour or how much sleep—a little or a lot—I have gotten. I obediently rise and go to my computer and without flourish, other than usually noting the date, time, and name of the spirit, I listen and take down what they have to say which can last anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours. They seldom go beyond two hours of dictation.

By Our Belief We Are Served

According to our belief does Heaven communicate: A dear friend of mine, a person of extraordinary faith, spoke of hearing the voice of God speaking to her while sitting in the garden under an arbor of flowers and the voice portrayed itself as God telling her that he was guiding her. Many years later she had a spiritual reading with a medium. He told her that St. Paul was there greeting her and reminding her of the experience years before in the garden when God spoke to her. She responded to St. Paul in the affirmative. He then said, “No, that was not God, that was me, St. Paul, sent on behalf and in the guise of God.” She was so surprised, for all of those years she thought it was the voice of God. Because she believed God to be outside of and independent from man, God took the opportunity to lead her as a young girl according to her belief. This does not mean that God does not or cannot speak, but it also means that God often manifests through a finite form or master guide to those on earth, for that is the best way to most specifically get through and guide a person in many cases.

Master teachers and guides, for this reason, continue to lead one for a lifetime. Does this mean that God is absent? It means, to me, that God is everywhere, in everyone and can use anything and anyone at his disposal to convey truth and guide each individual or a nation according to divine will.

All of this makes sense to me, for my wife plays many roles to me and they are not static but ever changing among several roles: sometimes wife, sometimes mother, sometimes friend, and sometimes child. All of these roles are the manifestation of the spirit of my wife and any one of them can and does convey truth. So in the end it is the truth that is important.

God, While Personal, Is Infinite

If we think of God, when we are a maturely developed person of heart, we are correct to think of him as the infinite source of love and life who is beyond measure and beyond comprehension. The best way to comprehend God on a personal level is to look at ourselves in the mirror, or at any other person. For there, reflecting back to us, is the very presence of God appearing in finite form while retaining infinite energy and capacity.

In the end, no labels or divisions or specific delineations will matter as we come to experience that God is everywhere, is everything, and in everything. Love is his first, middle, and last name.

It Is TheTruth That Sets Us Free

These days, unless whoever comes to me from the spirit world and specifically causes me to know it is them, I lead my life and while following spirit, whether finite or infinite, by listening for the truth of things. It is the truth that sets us free and not the means by which it is delivered to us.

Often, and I have noticed this more so now as I am in my seventies, God speaks to me through me and that is in keeping with the ultimate ideal that we are each the temple of God and that Presence, that Intelligence, Wisdom and Love dwells within us and all people past, present and future.

Therefore, in the end life has not been about bringing God into me but out of me and had someone told me that in the beginning it would have made all the difference in the world.

In Closing

Victoria, I have appreciated writing in answer to your question though it has not been easily answered except by some universals and personal experiences. But after more than 27 years of mediumship and meditation and a lifetime of prayer, I feel confident in what I have shared as being true in terms of our awareness of and communication with the Creator and the human and
angelic worlds.

Love always,