Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta, California, Where Saint Germain Appeared

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A Moving Climb Up Mt. Shasta

How did you first encounter Saint Germain?

In August of 1986, I read a book by Guy Ballard about his I AM work, which is centered on Saint Germain. I felt as though I had come home, though I was not looking to find a leader or to join a group. Three weeks later, on Labor Day, 1986, I rose early to pray and meditate, after which I went back to sleep. About an hour later, I was awakened by a powerful and loving parental presence, and I knew I had entered another dimension. I was surrounded by an unearthly golden light, and I saw a golden path in front of me. The calm voice of my heavenly Father assured me that the path symbolized the course I was called to follow to fulfill my purpose on earth.

Still suspended in the embrace of heaven, I became aware of a different presence on the left side of the bed and immediately recognized it as that of the man I had read about in Ballard’s book. I saw him clairvoyantly, gradually more clearly, and he was wearing a violet robe. He said, “Philip, this is Saint Germain. Rise and write, for I have something I want to say to you that I will pass on in your writings.”

I hesitated because I didn’t want to become dominated or controlled by the spirit world in some erroneous way. Saint Germain appeared to understand my reluctance and stood waiting patiently for me to think things through. Then he said, “Don’t you realize that the spirit of all great spirits is one of cooperation?” I felt his sincerity and honesty, and I was moved by his obvious love, patience, and wisdom. In addition, who could doubt the brilliance of the light that surrounded him? I realized that great souls do rise above creed and nationality to demonstrate universality, and that for the sake of the whole they do seek cooperation. I got up and went to the dining room table with my journal and pen in hand.

I waited in silence for Saint Germain to appear again, and he manifested to my left, standing in a shimmering ray of white light. He looked ethereal, yet he appeared in full bodily form. He seemed to stand in a ray of white light from above, but he was also surrounded by light that appeared to come directly from his auric field, and the larger area around him was also bathed in light. I said telepathically, “I am here, and I am ready.” As Saint Germain began to speak, his words were clearly audible, and he spoke for about forty-five minutes. Here is part of what he said:

The light that you seek is all around you. You are not, I repeat, are not in darkness. You have but to open your “eyes” to see its blinding reality. You are doing that now.

Saint GermainPhilip, my dear brother, many things are unfolding for you and are in store. You will not believe them because you will not believe that these things could or would happen to you. Take heart, Philip, there is a plan unfolding at this time—due to God’s timetable—that makes it possible for you and others around you to leap across normal time spans and know and do things with a rapidity normally unheard of on earth.

You have a [spiritual] host around you at your beck and call. . . . We here are well aware of your heart, your longing. . . . You will see the unfolding of a marvelous plan before your eyes. Take it in stride as it happens. . . . Praise God and his hosts for the work done.

The Western world is overripe for tying together all that is known and for the final stage of understanding to bring man out of the dark spiritual ages. . . . Be patient, be patient, be patient. Remember always, you are never alone. . . . But remain ever serving and humble to the Source of life—that is the key. Let [God] work through you [and maintain] humility and obedience to his voice. An inner knowingness guarantees safety and success. . . .

We are one long chain of workers. Because of us, you are able to know, be, and do today. We, more than you, are [eager] to complete this work, for we have endeavored for eons of time to raise man back to his Father, his creator. It is all we know—this work and its accompanying longing make up the vibration of the fabric of our spiritual garments. In this way, we reflect his presence and his will. This is the meaning of the Great White Brotherhood [also called “Ascended Masters”].

After this first receiving from Saint Germain was over, I continued to write in my journal with some follow-up thoughts:

I return to myself with gratitude to Saint Germain. . . . More of this will happen as time unfolds, but I don’t want to create the circumstances for the making of self-fulfilling prophecies. . . . I am always guided by a will to order. There cannot be just spiritual experiences; there must also be logic and order to them as well. This I always seek. . . .

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Quote From: The Gift of Mediumship
By Philip Burley

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