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“How Did You First Encounter Saint Germain?”

Saint GermainThat afternoon [following Saint Germain’s early morning appearance at my bedside and message written through my mediumship] I attended a spiritual gathering of about sixty people in Ephrata, Pennsylvania. As I sat in the audience with my trusty tape recorder running, medium Chrisley Witt said to me, “You had an experience this morning very early, did you not?”

I thought, “This can’t be happening,” but responded in the affirmative. After Witt described a few more details, he said, “Well, the person who wrote through you was Saint Germain!”

There it was—proof positive that the spiritual master had visited that morning and given me a message through my writing. The medium’s final remark was, “Don’t you ever doubt it again!”

This extraordinary and validating message gave me confidence, with no reservations, to pursue my career as a professional medium.

In July 1987, while speaking through a trance medium, Saint Germain spoke to me definitively and at length about our future work together. Here is an excerpt from his recorded comments: 

My advice to you would be to strengthen love within yourself—unselfish love. Regardless of whether you like an individual, whether you appreciate what they do or do not do, love them totally and completely. Do not look at their faults and mistakes, but look at them as you; and love them without any desire for a return. That kind of love will bring me so close to you and will cement me so intimately into your aura that there will be a continual and perpetual moving together at all times.

On January 10, 1988, Saint Germain asked that I sit regularly to write down his words. I did this every Sunday morning for a year, filling many notebooks. The words he dictated became the basis for my first book, To Master Self is to Master Life

About two years after I began giving spiritual readings on my own, Saint Germain prompted me to again visit the Arlington Metaphysical Chapel in Virginia. This time I arranged for a private reading with medium Reed Brown. While he had given me the life-changing message in a large audience many months earlier, he still didn’t know anything about me or my work.

In this private meeting, Reed gave me a number of specific and accurate messages. With my eyes closed, I was almost in a trance-like state, and I was feeling a great sense of peace unlike anything I had experienced before.

At one point, Reed paused and said, “Ah, Saint Germain.” He walked around his desk, positioned his hand about two inches from my lower abdomen, and gradually raised his hand toward the top of my head. I felt powerful energy and intense heat in my torso, spine, throat, and head.

Reed went on to say, “Saint Germain wants to speak through you. Let him speak.” A split second after I gave silent agreement, I heard Saint Germain speaking in a deeper voice than I normally use. I have listened many times to my recording of this first channeling experience. 

From that day on, Saint Germain has used my vocal cords to speak directly to people during private spiritual readings, at most of my public appearances, and on my radio show.

As long as I have known Saint Germain, I have been touched and inspired by his presence. Whether he is channeling through me or appearing in visions or dreams, he always manifests as a being of great love and wisdom. He speaks simple but timeless truths and is remarkably prophetic. Many of his words are captured in a number of my books.

This compassionate spiritual master helps us enlarge our understanding by pointing the way to ever higher truths without condescending or judging. His goal is for us to ultimately ascend to a realm of divine love where we experience firsthand our oneness with God who loves us unconditionally and for all eternity.

Saint Germain’s words of truth are moving because they penetrate to the very core of our heart and soul. He touches us in a way that says, “I know you very well, even better than you know yourself, and I love you because you are you.”

It is not uncommon for people to feel such complete, unconditional love from Saint Germain that they experience emotional or even Philip Burley in trancephysical healing from simply being in his presence. Many have reported coming to a greater knowledge of God through him.

Saint Germain always points people to God within—never to himself. He is a Christ-like being, here to serve humanity.



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