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Vanished Into Thin Air!
I Am Truly Baffled

Several months ago I received a fascinating letter from Marcia regarding a garden tool that disappeared without a trace. The subject matter lends itself to a “post of the week” and both Marcia’s letter and my response are featured below. I will continue to address this topic in the coming weeks. You may be inspired to share a similar experience. As indicated in Marcia’s letter, she would like to hear from you!


Hello Philip,

empty hands“…  I want to know what people think and have experienced. Do you think it is possible for a material object to "vanish into thin air?" I want to know because something strange happened to me, and I have no reasonable explanation for it.

A garden tool that I laid down on the ground beside me, as I was pounding fertilizer spikes, disappeared without a trace. There was no one around me at the time — not even an animal — and the tool wasn't hiding under the mulch either. I looked for it numerous times, and I had another person help me look to no avail. I am not crazy or mistaken; I was using it just moments before it disappeared. I would like to know what other people think about this because I am truly baffled!

* * *

Dear Marcia,

I read your letter with much interest. There is no question in my mind about someone from the spirit world causing your garden tool to disappear. As to why, we can only conjecture. Will they bring it back? And if so when? You may also question as to “why me?” You may or may not find answers to these questions. I can well appreciate that your questioning is not simply idle curiosity but because it baffles you as to not only who and why but also “Where did they put it?!” More than a few people on earth have had similar experiences and could not get a satisfactory answer and their “object” was never returned!

I have expanded information that I want to include in my response in several posts, but for this post I would like to relate a rather mundane but vitally interesting experience that I had with a disappearing watch. I use the word mundane because there is nothing of profundity in the experience and yet there may be:

My usual place of prayer and meditation was downstairs in our meditation room where I sat in the same place each time. It was an wristwatchenclosed area, being about 4 feet on each side and I sat on the floor in lotus position and in total darkness. So as to have no distraction, I removed my leather band wrist watch and placed in on the floor about a foot away and to my right and then went into an hour’s worth of meditation. When I came out of meditation and reached to get my watch it was not where I placed it. I crawled around on my hands and knees, still in the dark, feeling for it everywhere; I must have covered the floor space three or four times, still no watch. I left the meditation space and turned on the light in the room and went back and searched more. The watch was nowhere to be found. Like you Marcia, I was baffled–and a bit perturbed as I wanted to get on with the day and…I needed the watch to keep track of the time throughout the day.

Resigned to accept that the watch did not disappear on its own and that some spirit must have taken it, I went upstairs to our master bedroom to change from my meditating clothing to street clothing. I walked into the room, bathed in the early morning sunlight, and straight ahead was the watch sitting in the middle of the top of the dresser, face down with the leather band totally closed. There it was, sitting on one of my white handkerchiefs that had been in the top drawer of the dresser! I was dumbfounded and at the same time very pleased. It was spirit who had moved the watch, and that both comforted and humbled me.

The object lesson was clear:  Know your own power! Know that spirit is working with you! Know that we are seeking to get your attention in a most obvious way so that you have no doubt as to our presence in your life. Know that we have the power to do these things when needed or desired. Know all of these things to increase your wonder and faith to go the whole distance in your mission. Know that we are with you!

I am sure Marcia, that there is a hidden message in your suddenly disappearing garden tool as well…

I have more stories to tell and I will continue in the coming weeks with additional information that will help us to appreciate and understand the whole topic of spontaneous appearing and disappearing objects as relates to the spirit world. Among other things, I will write about a huge living plant suddenly arriving, with a huge explosion, into the middle of our meditation, spiritual development circle one night while we communicated with spirit by way of a tranced medium.

Thank you Marcia for sharing the disappearing act of your garden tool; I am sure that it will open mental doors among our blog readers.

Much love,


To be continued…

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