In Spirit….
What You Think Is What You Are


This morning as I rose from a deep sleep I found myself thinking about character. Actually, as I recall, it was the last thing I was thinking about before I slipped off into sleep. When this kind of thing happens–that is, a word or idea is brought so clearly to the fore of my mind–I know it is something that has been placed there by those guiding me from the spirit world. So I know that it has appeared on my path at this moment in time because I am being made to look at it for a reason with further reaching consequences than just being a passing word for the day.

I believe the word character has been placed there first for me to look at seriously just for me and me alone. As a public figure of many years, I am made to look at my life with close scrutiny to make sure that I am living the things that I teach, and that I am teaching truths that are eternal and not of some pseudo religion or faulty belief system. Also, I am made always to look at just why I am doing something; in other words what is my motive; and if it is not essentially based on love and a desire to bring a lasting plus to this life, then I have to question it. Today I am looking at and sharing my experience with the word character.

Looking in the dictionary on the Internet I find a list of definitions as long as my arm for the word character. But the ones that stand out as referring to our essential human traits are:

  • the way someone thinks, feels, and behaves: someone's personality
  • one of the attributes or features that make up and distinguish an individual
  • moral excellence and firmness <a man of sound character>

I find the reason that this question of character is so vital and so central to this life and life beyond is that no matter who you are, where you have lived, what you have done or not done, or however much fame or fortune you have accumulated, your character is all that you have in the end. All the external things of life–that is, what you have done, with whom and why–add up to what is your most precious possession: your character.

At this moment as you read this post, look around you. There is not one thing that you possess on the earth plane that you will take with you into the spirit world. Now you may have loved some earthly object to the degree that your love for it will cause its spiritual counterpart to appear in the home you have continuously created in the spirit world prior to your arrival. That could be embarrassing if you have, in fact, loved things that reflect badly upon you in the spirit world.

There is no escape from this reality and consideration of it creates pause enough, if seriously entertained while still on earth, perhaps for us to reconsider just what it is we truly love and whether the things we have loved are good and beautiful, and do we really want to have them with us in our eternal home?

To me character is all wrapped up in why we do things and personality is our unique expression of our character; or, in other words, how we express our character. As we are constantly building our spirit body out of our spirit mind as connected to our physical body and what things we do here, then motive and what we do figures centrally to the making of character.

In the spirit world our very essential nature is us. What you think is what you are. And what you are is shown directly and clearly in the outward manifestation of your spirit face and body and the energies contained therein which show outwardly by your clothing and the color and degree of light manifested coming from your whole spirit being. This is character as seen and experienced in the spirit world; it is clear, most obvious and undeniable.

Those finding themselves in realms where the light is missing or dim are seeing an outward reflection of their inner character. If they could catch a glimpse of themselves in a mirror they would see that their features reflect exactly the same darkness and unsavory features not of beauty and light, but of ugliness and the absence of light.

The core of it all, as mentioned prior in passing, is your spirit mind and its accumulative energies during time on earth. There, in the spirit world, it is directly discerned exactly what it is you have loved while on earth. And that whatever you have loved is what you have become down to the heart of your spirit and as shown in the external environment which mirrors outward what is inward.

I recall so well reading an account of individuals in the spirit world who had lived to dance; they loved it above everything else so that when they arrived in spirit they were among dancers. They put themselves there by their love. That was their world in spirit, and none of them could stop dancing! They had become in spirit what they had loved so single-mindedly, so dedicatedly on earth. As it is said, what you have loved most on earth that is where your heart is; and upon arrival in spirit where your heart is, is where you will find yourself living.

In the realms of light are seen spiritual beings who have lived single-mindedly loving others as themselves. Their motives, while on earth, were out of love and concern at all times for others and in loving themselves correctly by existing to truly live virtuously and morally; always doing unto others as they would want to be done unto; loving their neighbor as themselves and seeking to know, understand, and love God. If they did not know of a creator, at the very least, as they had known, loved, and treated their fellow man and themselves so they had treated the Source of life; and they, too, exist in the upper stratospheres of the world of spirit.

I speak to people here and there who have most of their earthly life behind them. They have seen and done everything, and are hard pressed anymore to find stimulation or meaning in the mundane things and activities of this life. The most serious ones find themselves drawing more inward and away from the world. They find themselves pondering quite seriously just what their life has been about. They are asking internally if they have gotten the full rewards of this life, and has their life been spent in a way to have earned those rewards; the most important being peace. Are they at peace?

Character is everything in this life; so much so that it needs an entry among the other topics covered in Heads in the Clouds, Feet on the Ground. Most of all, sharing my thoughts on it has given me reason to investigate further my own life. At the same time, writing on and sharing the topic as a fellow traveler among many other spiritually searching individuals, has brought more than a margin of comfort and peace to my spirit even though I do still find things wanting in perfecting my own ability to love and to love all people everywhere as myself.

When the word character, as regards our individual life,  is looked at honesty and earnestly and understood fully, we may have need to reconsider exactly why we are living and what we are living for.

I am very interested in what others have to say on a topic that I consider more important than how much money I have in an earthly bank or how long of life I live on earth! A good character is our most precious possession…