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Reader Responds Wholeheartedly
Mother’s Character Plays Out at 88

This week I am carrying over the topic character from last week’s post, Our Most Precious Possession. It is not a subject that can just be hurried over if we are seriously considering the outcome of our entire life on earth and how that determines where we find ourselves in the spirit world.

I am sharing an email letter from Sohaila R. responding to the character post, who has given me permission to publish her correspondence. It is self-explanatory as is my letter back to her.


From Sohaila, on… Our Most Precious Possession

One of the most important messages I have ever received. I am, I better say we are, taking care of my 88 year old mother and the "character" is the central point of our talk. What is left at the end is our character.

Oh Philip, this message struck such a cord in my daily life. I am aware that God sent me my mother to know this fact and learn it daily. As I have to fight daily not to take anything personally and connect to her detached from any emotional reward.

Detachment is the core of spiritual and mental growth, and somehow life has a way of forcing us to see this fact if we can't see it ourselves.

I am grateful to have the praying and meditation circles [a present series of teleconference healing circles] and my dear, dear husband to support me. If I have not answered the questionnaire [part of the healing circles] it is because I couldn't open the attachment and my time on the computer is so limited, because of time, as I am working and I have to spend all my free time with my mother. I try to do my meditation as much as possible but I have to be honest, it is very difficult yet to be consistent.

May God bless you and with your permission I will share your message with some close friends.

With gratitude,
Sohaila R.


Dear Sohaila,

You and your husband are often in my thoughts. Given more time and energy you would hear from me more often. I am exceedingly appreciative of you both. I have not forgotten the letters that each of you wrote to me last year–straight from the heart–they touched me deeply and I consider them among my most cherished correspondence.

Your words about your mother echo the sentiment regarding character as covered in this week's post on my blog. And of course that was partially your reason for writing me. And the practice of detachment as a cardinal rule for liberation, as expressed in moving beyond your mother's manifest character, is classical and so well understood and expressed by you.

As for how much time you have to meditate:  I put out the highest standard and hope that most can at least come to the halfway point of dedication. While I do present and embrace lengthy meditations, I am not of the mind that they must be long to be effective. It is a matter of degree of earnestness as far as I am concerned. If liberation through meditation were possible by way of meditation alone, I think we would all have much less hope.

The standard in the field is to eschew spirit world involvement and to go it on our own. In fact, as I wrote in my sent out letter yesterday [to everyone attending the Circles,] few teachers of meditation ever mention the spirit world. They may allude abstractly or vaguely here and there of such a reality, but will not, do not include the spirit world in assisting.

My experience is that, yes, I have to do my part; but what the world does not know, unless it is clairvoyant and clairaudient, is the degree to which the spirit world assists such efforts. When I am in meditation, I know I am surrounded by my most caring spirit guides and teachers. And further, I know that they are involved both in my intellectual as well as spiritual attainment. From time to time they touch me to let me know they are there, or they may speak or they may appear in full or partial form to make their presence known and… it is never about them but about the mission we are completing together–each dependent upon the other for its completion.

Jesus had Moses and Elijah and I am sure many more; we have whomever we have, and the point is to keep that relationship going for the sake of what we can accomplish together for our mission and mutual growth.

So never mind how much you do or do not meditate… make whatever time you have a time of total focus upon going within, staying with a tried and true routine to get into meditation and to stay there for whatever precious minutes you have. That is better than no meditation, and the spirit world, knowing your limitations, will work even harder to help and to give you as much assistance as possible in that concentrated period of time.

As for the questionnaire, I would not sweat the small stuff; be true to yourself and generate and hold no guilt or sense of obligation in a life where you have to give your all to your family first. I have said here and there that if one cannot pray and meditate or study, then serve, as it is the highest calling; and it, too, can take the soul into its own. It, too, is another path of meditation due to its need to focus and concentrate on the tasks at hand; done religiously one can't help but awaken to one's own soul and God within.

Thank you for sharing so freely from your heart, Sohaila. It is liberating to you but speaks volumes as to the beauty of your spirit and the integrity your character possesses.

Please don't be surprised if you see our letters … in one of my publications, as what you have to say in it can be very helpful to others and not in a small way. I am thinking to share it with my response to the Healing Circle and/or on my blog.

My love and gratitude flows to the two of you and as abundantly as possible,



Dear Philip,

Thank you so very much for your kind words and wonderful email with lots of advice and guidance. Your book about caring for loved ones (Caring For A Loved One with Dementia) helped me a lot, and I read it periodically to remind me the state of mind  that I have to be in. 

May you and your family stay strong and healthy to be able to help as many people as possible. We need so much light in this world. … It is fine if you share this writing on Our Most Precious Possession with others.

Thank you again with gratitude.



Caring for a Loved One with Dementia