New Beginnings

Each Moment Holds Promise
God’s Love, The Means of Renewal

Life is constantly made up of new beginnings. Each moment holds the promise of starting over or beginning again. The constant renewal of life in nature is the living proof of a force—a renewing energy—existing and operating in the universe. Whether after a harsh, cold winter or after a massive forest fire, creation springs forth anew, rising up out of the appearance of no life into new life; and it happens endlessly.

How much more is this dynamic of life renewal present in your life! In the midst of trouble or worry—our seemingly undoing circumstances—we forget and bumble and stumble around trying to find ourselves. We forget that life renews itself and life goes on!

There are definite new beginnings: the constant renewal of life’s promises and their fulfillment. To become conscious or more conscious of the reality of new beginnings and the constant renewal of life is vitally important if we are to master our life. Just becoming more aware or being reminded again of God’s love—the force behind the renewing of life, behind new beginnings—can bring about a definite change for the better and definitely the awareness that you are not alone, never alone and that after every storm in life the sun comes out again; only always!

May this moment, this month and this year be ever renewed for you, starting with understanding blooming into hope, and hope into the fulfillment of better times rising up out of the ashes of any suffering you encounter for the rest of your life.


As promised with my first blog entry this year, I am beginning a series of meditations for sale available via this blog and other places. The meditation for this month is “New Beginnings.” It was thoughtfully and purposely made to help you find your way to freedom from worry and self-doubt, and to enhance your experience of God within.

As with all of my meditations, repeated use brings about ever deepening awareness and multiple positive, progressive changes both subtle and obvious. Here’s to many happy new beginnings in your life!






New Beginnings -- A Guided Meditation




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