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To Aim Toward the Love of Love
Not Just the Love of Truth

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With a New Year beginning, many of us will look back over 2013 and just what we accomplished or did not accomplish. We may have begun with good intentions but fell short of some of our goals; after all, it is not easy to sustain some intentions and consistency over a period of 365 days without great concentration of energy and effort.

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. Instead, I live one day at a time and measure my progress against the previous day, and all that against eternity. I ask myself if today I did better than yesterday, and if not I don’t deride myself for failure but keep trying. No, I don’t tear myself down as it does no good. I do my best and that is all I can do. From many years of watching my life, nothing more is needed or possible. I do not carry stories that I should have done better. The reality is I did as I did; end of story.

The main thing is that failure is a part of success, and the main objective of failure is to learn from it. How many shots at the hoop does it take a basketball player to become a pro? And of those countless shots, how many did not go through the hoop? Michael Jordon of basketball fame wrote,

I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. Twenty six times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.

I stay away from perfectionists, they are no fun. And besides, I am not always sure that they are honest with me or themselves. Please understand that I do not think we should not try and do our best. But it all must be observed in the larger scheme of things, and that scheme includes both so-called success and failure at success.

In the spirit world, there are those who live for the love of truth, and then there are those who live for the love of love. The latter individuals are higher than the former, as the highest truth in the spirit world is unconditional love. It is the essential love in the heart of God.

Above all, I am trying to set the tone for this new year, that we may all do better by easing up on ourselves—if we are too hard on ourselves—to allow for both success and failure; that after a time we find ourselves where we wanted to be, and reality figured in greatly to bring us there as long as we keep on keeping on.

Life is not just a straight road toward a goal, and it is not a journey without variations or incidents or unexpected changes. It is why some have said that the journey is the most important part, and the goal is secondary. My life experience tells me that this is true. Besides, on the other side of a goal is more journey and more goals!

To be fair to ourselves in life, as I alluded to it, we must measure ourselves against the backdrop of eternity. It is one thing to be diligent in spiritual discipline and endeavors, but not at the expense of not living in reality.

I have worked with individuals where, because they couldn’t deal with reality they denied reality, acting as if what they didn’t want to happen didn’t happen when it did. Some of them are individuals who are mostly concerned with the appearance of things and not with the reality of things themselves. As long as on the surface things appear good, then face is saved and false pride maintained. People around them (including family, friends, and work associates) are caused to be dishonest, can’t grow, or form relationships of trust or true love with them. Love to such people is manifested toward them in adherence or obedience to truth, half truths, and/or complete falsehood; whereas, divine love loves because we are, not because of what we are. It cannot possibly be different, as God dwells in all that is created!

I have seen this in religious zealots who raise their children by way of some form of inflexible spiritual teachings, making their theology more important than the love in their family. It is amazing how quickly the parents change when, in fact, their child does not conform and does not obey. The strictest of parents will, in the name of principles, cut their child off as if they no longer exist. Those who still have a heart begin to look at their child in reality, as an individual with their own life course–a course they, for better or worse, must follow–for it is their life, perhaps, even their destiny.

It is not when a child is absolutely obedient that the parent learns to love unconditionally. Absolute principles do not allow for error; love does–and love is higher than any teaching. Because unconditional love is the ruling principle of the universe, forgiveness is possible.

Yes, truth must guide love; but when truth is not absolutely followed and one deviates, love makes it possible to go on and love, attended by forgiveness, allows one to move forward and not remain imprisoned in perpetual guilt and remorse. Jesus, it seems, understood that love was most important, for he readily forgave individuals of their sins and sought to heal them.

God may be all powerful, but not more powerful than the love existing innately and deeply within his/her heart. Love is the ruling energy of all the universe, spiritual and physical.

Recently, someone sent me a recording of a spiritual reading in which the medium picked up an entity who said that upon arriving in the spirit world, he learned that love was the most important thing; indicating that he had failed in love. I knew this particular individual very well when he was on earth, and I knew him to be forcefully fixated on his brand of truth, even at the expense of his own wife, children, and many others. Now in spirit, he finds himself coming back to apologize to those whose lives he affected in this warped, imbalanced way where he made his truth more important than love.


I have covered an array of interrelated topics: What are we going to do this year, 2014, in our efforts in being a more self-realized, loving person toward our self and others? And this relates ultimately to where we find ourselves in the afterlife. And the afterlife ties in with a number of possible concerns this year:

  • Where are we in our efforts to awaken to the reality of the spirit world?
  • What will we do this year to gain both more understanding and life experience toward opening our spiritual senses, that we may tune into the spirit world readily and reap the benefits from such efforts?
  • In general, what are we going to do about our overall perceived spiritual needs?

It is obvious that you would not be reading this blog if you were not interested in your own spiritual awakening and growth and the spirit world.


This year I will begin my outreach in the very area of teaching others about their spiritual self and the locating and opening of their spiritual sensing of the spirit world. I teach from my life experience, not from books or what others have said.

After many years of mediumship, the spirit world is primary in my life, and the earth plane, while not secondary—as the spiritual and physical go hand-in-hand—is definitely a lesser concern than my relationship with my eternal spiritual self, the spirit world, and God.

If you desire to fulfill some long awaited goal of deeper and higher spiritual awakening, I hope you will join me. This could be the year of your new awakening and a new beginning in your spiritual life.

Many students have told me that my approach is simple, yet profound.  I have sought to base my classes upon sound, time-tested spiritual principles and practices. What I teach you is what I was taught and learned. It is what I have utilized for nearly thirty years, and it has served me more than well in my spiritual outreach and especially in doing spiritual readings for thousands of people, which also includes the channeling of beloved Saint Germain.

I hope you will join me and all of those who are just waiting for such an opportunity who have asked me many times when or if I would teach them to do what I do. Initially, I will; but for yourself first; and if you wish to go further with my more advanced classes, that is up to you. The least to greatest journeys both begin with the first step!

Have a most blessed 2014….

Love and gratitude,





P.S. This year I will not be posting content on Head in the Clouds, Feet on the Ground every week–but rather, more sporadically. Because my calendar will be taken up with an increased number of activities this year, I simply will not have the time. However, if you are signed up for this blog, you will be notified by email each time I publish a new post; and any comments you may write will be posted as well.

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