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Understanding to the Maximum Makes a Huge Difference
What You Do Not Understand in the Afterlife You Cannot See


How Prepared Are You to Transition to the Afterlife?

Though I have worked for many years with the reality of the afterlife, I do so not to dwell on physical death but what comes afterwards. I make this effort to bring understanding of the afterlife and for us to be prepared as much as possible prior to the hour of our departure.

There are a number of you who have subscribed only to my blog but do not receive other mailings from me. I understand how busy you are and appreciate the need to limit how many emails you receive. There are others who will receive this blog who, because you are on another one of my mailing lists, will have already received the information I am including with this post.

Below you will find information regarding my upcoming Level I Spiritual Development, Meditation Course. It is in keeping with my central effort to inform, educate, and inspire individuals about the spirit world and it is to be followed by my Level II Course of the same title with “hands-on” experience with the spirit world or, in other words, awakening to your own spiritual sensitivity and using it to communicate with the afterlife. Both courses will inevitably make your eventual transition into the spirit world much easier.

As I am increasing my use of this blog for mainstream communications, I am starting this effort with this post.

What is included below is time sensitive and if you want to join into what the event holds, please just follow the instructions. Thank you for your subscription to Head in the Clouds, Feet on the Ground.

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Level I ClassLevel I: Philip Burley Spiritual Development, Meditation Course

Awakening to, Understanding and Using Your Innate Spiritual Gifts for Communication with the Spirit World

Six 90-minute Classes via Teleconferencing

Mondays: Jan 26, Feb 2, 9, 16, 23, Mar 2, 2015

Course Cost:  $135.00 per person, Payable by Credit Card

A recording of each class will be made available for exclusive use by paying students.

A Certificate of Completion of the Level I Course will be made available to each graduate at the end of the Course March 2, 2015.

The Level I Course depends on a minimum enrollment of 25 students.

To purchase this class, CLICK HERE


Level IPhilip Burley Spiritual Development, Meditation Course is a prerequisite for taking the

Awakening Class Level II

Level II: (To be available for purchase at a later date)

Philip Burley Spiritual Development, Meditation Course

A series of eight 90-minute classes, to begin on Monday, March 23 through May 11, 2015 

Course Cost for Level II:  $180.00 per person, Payable by Credit Card

A recording of each class will be made available for exclusive use by paying students.

A Certificate of Completion of the Level II Course will be made available to each graduate at the end of the Level II Course May 11, 2015.


Graduates of Level I & Level II Philip Burley Spiritual Development, Meditation Courses will also be eligible to join the monthly Philip Burley Spiritual Development Circle for a continuation and practice of experiences and learned skills obtained by way of these courses.

A membership form for joining the Development Circle will be offered at the completion of the Level II Course on May 11, 2015. Cost will be $10.00 per graduate per month in 3 month cycles, or $30.00.  Holding of these special Circles is contingent upon a minimum of 20 graduates participating. 

The Circles will be held on Tuesday evenings following our usual time schedule and in a 90 -minute period of time.

Thank you, and much love to everyone. 

Philip Burley


Philip Burley