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the Open Forum December 30, 2014

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Happy 2015! As a follow up to my Open Forum at the end of December 2014, and as a transition into the new year, I am listing below some of your responses to the Forum. While it is time and space consuming, I know that it is helpful and meaningful to know what others experienced.

My efforts with events, such as the Open Forum, are as valuable as are your experiences with them. Without you–and your having meaningful spiritual experiences during such offerings–there is little to no reason to share such programs. It is in this spirit that I devote the larger portion of this blog post to your testimonials sent to me shortly afterwards. I thank each of you for caring and sharing; your words will help many.

While some of your testimonials have been edited for clarity and (in some cases) greater brevity, they each contain thoughts and feelings that take on higher and deeper meaning through sharing them. In the name of anonymity, only the first name and the initial of the last name is given.

Whether you attended or not, what others shared can be very meaningful to your own personal spiritual walk. It is this inner sharing among us that is the fulcrum point of any spiritual endeavor; it is the spiritual glue that holds us together. Enjoy and be moved by the universal Spirit that abounded and surrounded the December 2014 event.

I am making a recording of the Open Forum in December available to all who responded with an RSVP, whether you attended or not. If you could not attend, you will have a second chance, via the recording, to participate in the event and perhaps derive significant spiritual benefits. Your recording Philip Burley at the miccan be accessed by means of the designated link following participants’ testimonials.

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Philip Burley



…. your voice, the meditation, your messages of healing, Saint Germain’s voice …and all the phone calls helped us to be motivated at the beginning of the New Year to be even more dedicated to serving!  That was the message I received. …. Regina B., MI

…. It was very meaningful and moving to participate and to hear your voice and the guidance that came through for everyone on the phone call. I look forward to learning more about the programs and activities that you have planned for 2015. Steven B., CT

The event was very inspiring and the core truth from Saint Germain was so uplifting, as was the general atmosphere. Though my concerns were not personally addressed in a direct way, they were addressed through readings for other participants. Thanks Philip! Jerry C., NJ

The open forum was great last night. Thanks!  Kathryn C., MI

I received a deep healing from the Masters last night on the call and they have continued to work with me all day today! I am so grateful that I was able to attend. Thank you so much!! Joy C., CA

I was unable to hear your event and would really love to know if it is recorded and if you could send me link?  Nancy C., CA

Thank you so much for your precious time to spare one and half  hours with us. I am grateful to Saint Germain also. It was a great pleasure hearing him again.  Deepa D., NJ

 It was a very valuable and meaningful program. I was moved by the beautiful meditation, as thoughts of people in my life who need healing were accompanied with a great feeling of love for each one. I also realized my own need for healing and, of course, the world's great need. The meditation strengthened my sense that we are all one, even the "villains" who are out there wreaking havoc. We all need healing, compassion, forgiveness, and love …. Saint Germain's words were true and loving as always, and he seemed particularly firm about emphasizing our oneness with God, in this life and in the next. The readings are always touching—no less so last night. …. Anne E., AZ

…. I enjoyed your Open Forum very much and I was hoping to get a mini reading too but its understandable, that there would be no time to take everybody.  …. I am saving some money so as to get another reading from you. About 16 years ago you did a reading for my wife and me. It was a great reading. Peter F., NJ

The channeling was encouraging and strengthening. I felt a lot of energy from within. Bruce K., AZ

 …. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in an event like this. I found it interesting and beneficial. It was my first experience with channeling. Nancy K., CA

The Open Forum was "marvelous"!  I've been soaking it in all day. Thanks again for starting up your online work [again]. Grace K., MO

The Forum was a great experience to be able to attend. Looking forward to more connections with you in the future.  Marie K., WA

 Another spiritually uplifting event.  It is not surprising that many of the messages given to others could easily be applied to me.  The healing meditation was wonderful.  Came into the event with symptoms of a cold or flu. Mother Mary came in during the meditation and at the end of the evening I was feeling fine.  The message from Saint Germaine was on target to what my intention was at the beginning of the evening. …. Eagerly looking forward to your upcoming events in 2015.  Lori L., MA

…. we thoroughly enjoyed this event as we enjoy all interactions with you, Philip! We look forward to continued involvement always. Scott L., NY

…. thank you so much! Loved being with you!  Marilyn M., CA

Great session. Loved the [healing] meditation…. Loved the words  of Saint Germain—my whole chest was vibrating! Loved the readings, when the mother gave her daughter the flowers from the garden, I could smell them—so sweet. Thanks for the invite—Keep me on your mailing list.  Paul M., CA

This event was such a gift, I can’t thank you enough for your work. My intention is to be a light, Philip, in this life time!  Cathy N., CA

The event was positive and inspiring, as I knew it would be. I so enjoy meeting with people of like mind, possessing the desire for self-mastery. Saint Germain is so kind and wise with his non-judgmental counsel, and I can always apply his wisdom to my own circumstances. I am looking forward to the events scheduled for this year. Catherine N., CA


…. I am very grateful for the Open Forum, the words of Saint Germain, other Masters and Guides, your wisdom and thoughts of those who spoke with you [during the spiritual readings]. Lucy P., VA

Just a wonderful opportunity to go within and say hello to Spirit. Thank you, Philip.  Jim P., IL

Thank you for offering and leading such a worthwhile call, Philip. Iris S., CA

I didn't attend, not because of technical difficulty; it was the time difference being in the UK. I couldn't stay up but I'm looking forward to the recording.  Joanne S., England

I really enjoyed the call, your message as well as Saint Germain's were timely for me and I appreciate the work you do. Again I felt as though I was getting a reading listening to other peoples readings. What a gift your work is. Marti S., CA

Thank you for the lovely event full of concern for others. ….  Bénédicte S., France

I just want to thank you for the Open Forum … . I truly had a rewarding experience. It was a great way to connect to God, my inner self/spirit, my husband in the spirit world and others before the start of the New Year! Francis V., NJ

I will take this opportunity to say thank you in that I received a powerful and deep healing that continues to run through me on all levels of my Being. I am still in the midst of it, so can’t really offer more at this time, though I trust that all is in Divine order and I will emerge from this is in greater wholeness and deeper knowing of the Truth of who I AM.  Thank you so much. Lisa W., HI

It was such a nice experience last night. Well as it was my first experience [and] I could not get any clear spiritual experience or anything like that but it was such a deep experience! …. Thank you for giving me this chance. …. S. W., NJ

  Thank you for this eye and heart opening event. Both my mom and I attended … and valued it greatly. …. Thank you again very much. …. Much love, Eric W., AL

It was great! Debbie W. NM

…. I am looking forward to more events. I really enjoyed this one!  Roberta W., MD

Thank you for the evening and the gift of your time, investment, and love. I was really surprised when you called my name for a mini-reading, and touched that my father was there.  …. we look forward to the upcoming events this year. Robert Y., TN

I look forward to listening again when the recording of this wonderful event is available! Also looking forward to the next one. So worth paying for it!!!! Thank you for the free one. Diane Z., FL

…. Thank you so much, the Forum was inspiring and helpful.  Jennifer Z., CA


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Philip Burley at Laguna Beach


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