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Understanding is Freedom
Prepare Now…

This is my last posting for 2013. Twelve months and 58 postings later I close out this year with number 59 with this final writing…

This year has been an experiment. I never did a blog before and while I know that many seek to make money through their blog, that was not my driving motive. I tried to bring to faithful readers and periodic visitors a variety of subject matter centered as much as possible upon the spirit world, God within, and closely related topics. At the same time, I held ongoing teleconference events every other week from August through December which also covered this same array of topics. Those who partook of both this blog and those events would have gotten the most out of both offerings.

In a world so distracting of the human mind and heart, it is no easy task to write things that will hold the continued interest of more than a few people; and staying on task thematically is another great challenge.

Did I succeed? I cannot answer that question. Only you can answer that question.

Your feedback in your comments told me much about if or how much you found meaning in what I wrote. As for sheer numbers, they were not great; but then again, for everyone who does post something, there are probably a dozen who don’t but are, nevertheless, faithful readers who do find value in what was posted but are just not inclined to respond. Statistically this is probably in keeping with other periodicals; a greater number who read versus those who read and respond.

We have a built-in means to track which blog posts get read, when and how often they get read, and who responds by writing comments to posts. The numbers show a significant number of readers, though nothing overwhelming. As a beginning, where competition for peoples’ time and energy is at an all-time high, the results were more than favorable, thank you. I am not at all disappointed, but rather pleased and very happy to have taken a year out of my life to do a blog and to have any and all present in any capacity.

Again, in the end, I am not unhappy with the endeavor; your responses—many so sincere and genuinely heartfelt—spurred me on as a new week approached asking for another post. I am a spiritual medium and consequently, in my heart of hearts, I am about what happens to a human being once they leave their physical body for the last time. I see, hear, and know too much about the afterlife or the spirit world to not be involved and concerned and with a desire to lend information that may prepare an individual to the maximum when it comes time for his or her departure from planet Earth.

While religion permeates earthly life and may give some meaningful specifics about the afterlife, it is not an exacting science. It may tell you that you are going to die and that you will go to a place of a wide variety of habitations; anywhere from being one with God to being the furthest away from God; Heaven and Hell. Religion may tell you what spiritual principles to observe and live in order to guarantee a safe and sublime arrival on the other side. What religion does not give is the science of your spiritual self in relation to your body, the mechanics of their co-existence, and the reality of how the spirit grows from physical body energy and the spirit made vital and growing from energies coming from the physical body. In the end, our understanding of death and dying is best served not so much by beliefs or simple faith, but by the science of dying and emerging into the spirit world.

Your beginning on Mother Earth is made known by the word “born” and when the energy of your physical body has run out and can no longer serve your spirit, your ending on this planet will be known by the word “died.” These are the two little words, born, and died, describing your beginning and ending of your journey on earth; very final, absolute, and vital. They are the two great truths of every soul who ever took a body on the earth.

There is much to do about being born but very little, by comparison, about dying. Most of this is because we welcome birth and eschew death! I will not go into the already well understood reality in our culture and the culture of many people around the globe as regards approaching birth and death.

However, because death of the physical body is final, an understanding of the whole process needs more than a cursory glance: The degree of your understanding will bear greatly upon your departure. The greater the understanding about the process, from gradually separating as a spirit from your body to moving out of the body into the world of spirit, the easier will this process be. To have mere faith that God will take care of you “that hour” may be helpful, but to combine faith with factual knowledge, which I call a science, will make a great difference in your leave taking when it comes your time to kiss Mother Earth goodbye for the last time.

I will not belabor the point as most of you are already well informed. You may, however, have relatives, friends, acquaintances that don’t have your leading-edge-awareness, and could use your input on the topic. They will be eternally grateful if your sharing has made more than a marginal difference in their passing and arriving in the spirit world, and will joyfully greet you to say thank you on the other side.

The fear of death is greater than the process warrants, for in reality you are already in the spirit world! Right this moment and from the moment of your birth, you were already a spiritual being having your origins there, as well as your ongoing, eternal connections whether you knew it or not! Your earthly vehicle for your spirit may stop—will stop—and that means the stopping of your breathing and your heartbeat.

The transition into the spirit world is instantaneous. There is no ending of life—never—there is only the moving out of the physical body, which you already do most nights of the week, and permanently into the spirit world. Herein lies perhaps the most troubling part, or one’s dilemma:  What you do or don’t know about the afterlife will begin to show forth because in spirit you can only experience what you understand; and what you don’t understand you can’t perceive.

This moment there are thousands of people who are leaving their body for the final time. In the midst of this sentence they have drifted away from their earthly body and are very much and totally so in the spirit world. They now face their ignorance and/or their enlightenment, and it is reflected in all that they see or don’t see all around them. Even the distance of sight is a reflection of the depth of understanding or knowledge. Those who know little cannot see very far into the spirit world–if at all–in cases where there is total ignorance. They peer into the darkness of their own ignorance. On the other hand, enlightened ones—those knowing a reasonable amount about the other side—are standing in the light of their own awareness which includes loved ones, spirit guides not of family, and angels. This is a science; it is not the result of some random happening or accident. The simple adage that applies clearly and obviously is what you sow is what you reap.

While we head into a new year, 2014 to be exact, I am not thinking about one year–but the many years ahead called eternity, and it is why I have dedicated my energies to contributing whatever I can to aid others where they need it when it comes to the spirit world and God within. May 2014 contribute significantly to our awakening in this area and all the remaining years afterward, that we can arrive in the spirit world one day with the best advantages as manifested in our soul that will take us to a place filled with divine love and light.

Love and multiple blessings for 2014!