Japanese Garden

Opportunity for Growth and…
Accumulative Wisdom

In 2003 I did spiritual readings in Japan. Each one was recorded and transcribed. A portion of one, done on October 3 for a woman named Masako, is quoted below. It contains words from Saint Germain on solving our problems through understanding. As with all of my readings, I began with a prayer….

Understanding Solves Problems

Almighty God, our heavenly father and mother, we thank you that we can be together here for this high purpose today. This woman has come for this purpose, and she has a deep longing in her heart to learn the truth of things and know how you are working with her. Our meeting is timely in that you have been planning all of our lives that whoever is to cross our path, is to cross it at a certain time. This was our time to meet.

In this holy trinity of work today, please pour out your spirit upon her. In any way that she needs your healing love and energy, please let her receive it. May the content of this experience bring to her greater awareness of her own value, her eternal qualities, and her inner spiritual beauty. May she go from this experience knowing how loved she is by spirit. Please reveal to her clearly and succinctly the answers to her questions. Thank you for this privilege to serve her in this way. I pray this in divine love. Amen.

Saint Germain: I am here. This is Saint Germain. Can you hear me all right?

Masako: Yes.

SG: Because I am coming from spirit through a human body, I cannot always know if my connection is sound. When I hear your voice coming back saying you can hear me, then I know I’ve made the connection.

Beloved one, I am here exclusively for you today. Nothing is more important to me this moment than you. As I look at you, I see great beauty. I see God shining in you. You and I are not different. The only difference is that I know that God lives in me, and you have yet to understand that completely.

Do you not find it very, very interesting that today this gentleman I am speaking through is able to discern your life at this point? Isn’t it interesting? But it is no accident. We were intended to meet each other because it is time. You have met many people, and they have each helped you one more step, one more step, and one more step up the ladder of life. Through this instrument, we are taking one step higher.

Many people fight problems through worry, but worrying never solves problems. Only understanding solves problems. Therefore, rather than spend long periods of time worrying about self, spend that same energy in seeking to understand you. Your questions today are all about that point. They are courageous and noble questions.

We come to this earth plane for the purpose of solving problems. As you well know, this is a place of learning. If you did not have the problems you have, then you would have other problems. Of the 127 million plus people living here in Japan, there is not one that does not have problems. Some are just better at hiding them than others [laughter]. The richest man, the most educated man, the stupidest man, they all have problems. Some admit it and some don’t. The prideful man who does not understand how to get understanding will deny his problems, but when you understand that this life is for learning about self, you become humble and seek to find all the answers to self. …

In each grade, from the first grade to the twelfth grade and beyond, we do two things: we study and we take tests to see if we have learned. Therefore, the most important thing in life is to study self and learn from the answers we find. With those answers, we can solve the problems of our life. You have your particular problems in order to gain from them whatever it is that your soul needs to gain. In this way, all human beings are going through the same process but just don’t know it.

Do you think I don’t have problems? Self-mastery goes on throughout eternity, but we do not use the term problem here. Problem means opportunity: the opportunity to learn and to grow. If you learn and overcome your problem, then you do not need to recycle through that problem. The ideal pattern of life is not to go in circles, but to spiral ever upward. Consequently, when we are grateful for our problems, it is the beginning of solving them. Most essentially, from our problems, we gain wisdom, and the more problems we solve, the wiser we become.

From now on, beloved one, do not look at your problems as negative things, but rather look at them as opportunities. Turn the energy around and learn to go higher and higher spiritually. The ultimate reason they call us masters is because we mastered life in the very way I am speaking of. We went step by step, day by day, year by year, little by little, sometimes by tiny amounts, sometimes large amounts, until we reached the higher level of self-realization.

Putting all of this in perspective, you have a principle by which to work. Be grateful for your problems and learn what you can learn from them. Again, I say if it was not for this set of problems, it would be another set of problems. There are no exceptions to this fact.