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Mission and Destiny?
What Am I Supposed To Be Doing?

As I have written elsewhere on this blog, I did many spiritual readings in Japan for two solid months—October and November, 2003. I read for 35 individuals each month. Among them were those who stood out as they struck me with their sincerity and advanced level of spiritual concerns and perception. The following excerpt is from a reading for one such person–a 44 year old gentleman named Hidemi—a dentist by profession. I am sure the reader will also be touched by Hidemi’s more advanced soul qualities. He is one of those who “gets it…”

Why Was I Born?

Hidemi:   … I really want to know what my mission or destiny is in this life? What am I supposed to be doing? What is the life purpose for which I was born?

Philip:   … Saint Germain is going to speak now.

Saint Germain:   … This is Saint Germain. On earth there are many, many roles. There is the outer life, which is the occupation or work, and people are born with those talents. The seeds of what you are to become are planted in the soil of your spiritual self before your birth. For example, in your son, the seeds of interest in the medical field were planted before his birth. This is the outer work of life. It is the placement of the soul in the field where that individual has talents. As to when those seeds begin to grow and germinate, it varies from person to person. Some people spend much time in life trying to find their purpose, but even that characteristic is sewn into the fabric of the life of the spirit.

Hidemi:  The characteristic of searching for the outer purpose?

SG:  Yes. … In Hindu teachings this outer life has been called dharma. Your dharma has been your dentistry, but the seeds of spiritual hunger for the inner life were also sewn into your spirit. … As we can see, the number of people seeking the spiritual path is small compared to what most people choose to do. Out of all humanity, a rare few actually seek the spiritual path. In many, there is only the awareness of their inclination towards an occupation … and they do not even think about the inner spiritual path. The average person on the street does not consider these things. Therefore, humanity at large is not very awakened.

Most people are satisfied to work from nine to five or whatever hours and earn a weekly paycheck. Even if they are part of some religious activity that has a spiritual purpose, they have mostly external involvement. They often attend religious activities out of obligation or tradition in the family, but they are not spiritually very alive. Those who are awakened on the inner plane of themselves think about spiritual things.

Even for those not yet awakened, there is a hunger for the spiritual. They do not know what this hunger is about, so some of them fill their life with alcohol, sex, books, music, movies, or just wasting time. Many people are in this category. It’s sad but true. But it’s only sad if you think they should be elsewhere. It is their path, so they do not [knowingly] suffer for the lack of spiritual truth.

In your case, there is a spiritual hunger that you are aware of. You know your life is not complete if you are just looking into peoples’ mouths. It is a very important work and service to humanity, but it does not feed your soul. … If you have nothing else in life but this awareness, we could say that you are very blessed. How very, very fortunate is he or she who has this hunger and knows it.

This life, as you well know, is a kind of school. In human society there are many, many interests, and each [one] goes toward an interest according to nature and inclination. But from God’s perspective or point of view, the real thing to be interested in is one’s own soul, and to realize that this physical world and this physical body are only temporary. The degree to which we are awakened on the earthly side of life is the degree to which we will be awakened in the spirit world. Therefore, the goal is to pass into that life awakened as much as possible.

The path, classically and practically, to that awakening is meditation, education, and service to humanity. Some people’s path is through knowledge or education, some through meditation, and some through human service. In most awakened human beings, all three of these practices are important: education, meditation, and service. However, one of these paths will usually be most appealing to an individual, more than the other two.

  • The one who meditates also needs to be educated and to give service, although his or her pastime or basic investment in self will be through meditation.
  • One who spends time getting an education can become very incomplete without serving others and going inside to meditate.
  • And the one who is always working—as many wives do by just serving, serving, and serving, but taking no time out to learn anything new or to go inside and meditate—becomes empty and tired. People need all three practices to some extent.

My son, you came into this life to awaken to your own spirituality, and the center of that spirituality is the God presence. The kernel of life, the center of human life, is God living in man as the temple. You came into this life to awaken to that reality to know God within you not merely theoretically, but practically, through life experience.

As was indicated earlier in this reading, your path is a path of service as you have already been doing. By serving others, you come to serve self. By loving others, you come to love self. By doing both, you will awaken to God within. When you serve your patients by fixing their teeth and taking away their pain, and you see them happy, you find joy. The essence of that joy is God. God is pouring himself through you, through this service. Entered into fully, this service cannot help but lead you to enlightenment.

Again, you were born to awaken to God within through service, but you also need to educate your spirit, and you need to meditate. A table cannot stand on one leg. The table of spiritual life cannot stand only on service. It needs the leg of meditation and of education. Then on three legs, it can stand. But your predominant path is service, human service. You are still a young man. Even today, before retirement, you can turn your office into a temple of God. Educate yourself in human nature and the love of human beings and meditate upon this reality. And when you serve your patients, treat them as yourself, or as God within.

Yours is among many occupations on earth that is privileged to repair the human temple or the body. You enter the very personal, personal part of the human being where the mouth eats and the tongue speaks. In this area, the body is nurtured, the temple is maintained, and the individual speaks his or her truth. With the right attitude, your work is not merely a mundane thing. With the right attitude or by lifting your mind to heaven, your work suddenly becomes a sacred work, and your office a holy place. You are in service now.

Therefore, for the third time, I say your purpose in this life is to awaken to God within, on the path of human service, sustained and balanced by education and meditation. This is a long answer to a short question. I, Saint Germain, give comprehensive answers to leave little or nothing to doubt, but also the merit is here with you so that I can do this.

It has been my great, great joy and pleasure to serve you in this way. Thank you for being here and allowing us to serve you. It is in the love of the Father who created us all that I bid you farewell. Call on me, with Buddha or Jesus or any of the masters, and we will help you. These are not mere words; this is fact, and you can count on it. Our love follows you always.

This is Saint Germain.


Philip and Saint Germain


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