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You Are On Your Path At All Times
Wherever You Are Is Your Path ….

We continue with the rich and inspiring spiritual reading of a woman named Midori. Her whole reading is filled with many and ideal questions and because she was searching in earnest, Heaven brought her most helpful and leading answers. We continue with Part Two as Saint Germain–channeling through me as a trance channeler–and I seek to help this woman with the answers from above.

Part Two

Live Now and Fulfill Your Life

While I used a translator for the readings, I only indicate the translator when she is speaking on her own behalf. Otherwise, I use Midori’s words as spoken through the translator with Midori’s name alone.

Philip Burley:  What is your next question?

Midori: What is my mission in this life? I would like to know the plan I made before I came to the planet and how I can achieve my mission.

PB: I understand. Even without Saint Germain coming in, I’m hearing him beginning to speak, so I’m going to let him come through and talk to you. I’ll see you later.

Saint Germain (SG): I am here. Can you hear me all right?

M:  Yes.

SG: Beloved one, I am delighted to meet you here on the earth plane, though we have met in spirit many times. This Sunny who is with you is as much a master as I am. We are both of that rank. Regarding your question, on your paper and in your heart, many people on earth think there is some path somewhere. They believe that somewhere there is a hidden goal, and when they cannot know that path and that goal, they think that they are lost. (Chuckling)

M:  Yes, yes, yes, yes.

SG: There is no such a thing as being lost; there is only misunderstanding. The path of life is self, and wherever you find yourself, that is your path. Right now, you are on your path at this very moment. And if you should get lost somewhere because you did not know the direction, that is also your path. If you should suddenly come into money, that is your path too. And if that money were suddenly taken away, that is your path. The path is whatever is unfolding in the now.

The past does not exist; it is only the phenomenon of memory that makes it seem that there is a past. And there is no future, because it is yet unborn. Even the future can take place only in the now. So in the many nows, our life is fulfilled. Until people learn to live in the now, they cannot find their real path. Do I make sense to you thus far?

M:  Yes.

SG: Therefore, where you are supposed to be is wherever you are now. The God who created you is far wiser than you and I—call it God, love, destiny, or whatever; it is a power greater than you and I, and it is guiding us precisely in each moment, in the now, to where we need to be to get what we need to get.

Many people look back and say if only they had done this or that; but all of those things happened for a purpose, and there is no going back and changing the past. At the same time, there is absolutely no mistake or accident.

We often think that life should have unfolded differently than it did. But when you pass over, you know it was intended for you to experience all you experienced and to pass over exactly when, where, and as you did. Therefore, the secret of life is to let go; drop all of our stories about what should happen, live in the now, and accept reality as it is.

Humanity is dreaming life away by thinking life should be different. The great secret to life is to learn to live now, and when we achieve that goal, the golden door to life opens for us. From then on, our life blossoms more and more. Those who have learned to live that way have mastered self. Things, people, and situations come to them from that time on without their asking. They have but to think of a need and it is fulfilled. Around such people, magical things happen. Around such people, miracles take place.

Beloved one, this is the direction of your life. Make your goal to live now. This does not mean you should not have a vision or a plan, but sometimes the vision is purposely not given. This is because there is no such a thing as arriving one day at some place. Life is one long continuum of events.

The most important aspect for self-realization is to understand that the central purpose for coming to earth is to achieve self-mastery. Make that your goal, because it is the highest goal possible to achieve. If you do that, all that you need and all that is to be fulfilled in your life will happen swiftly.

This man before you is here because of his obedience to living in the now. In a thousand years he never thought he would come to Japan, but this is the result of his living properly in the now. He brought himself into a type of unity which serves as the basis upon which we could act thusly to bring him here. Do your part and leave the rest to God. (Laughing)

To be continued, Part Three, November 13, 2013

Philip and Saint Germain


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