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Acting the Part of A Human
But We Are God ….

Of the many thousands of readings I have given in nearly 30 years of doing them, the content of Part Three of my client, Midori’s reading, is one of the most meaningful readings I have ever given. It takes time to understand and digest but my experience tells me that what Saint Germain tells this earnest seeking woman is true. Read it and see what you think.

Part Three

You Are God Come to Earth

While I used a translator for the readings, I only indicate the translator when she is speaking on her own behalf. Otherwise, I use Midori’s words as spoken through the translator with Midori’s name alone.

Midori: I want to know if human destiny here in this three dimensional world is something that is already set or can anything be changed?

Saint Germain: It is case by case. For example, when you came into the earth plane, you came with a road map. You contracted for being in the very body you're in, doing what you’re doing, and living the life you’re living. But you’re not this person who you think you are. You have heard that you are not your body, not your thoughts, and not your feelings. You are the very God presence who is the observer of it all in you.

M: Does that mean that the God inside me is watching everything I am doing?

SG: It means that you are that God, observing everything you are doing, thinking, or feeling. But in order to go through life and learn the lessons, God puts a veil over his own memory. If that didn’t happen, we would not live life to the fullest, because we would appear to ourselves to be puppets. So to us, everything appears to happen spontaneously when it does not.

M: If we did not have the veil, it would seem to us as though God was in control of everything and we would be as puppets?

SG: Yes and no. What we are saying here, dear one, is this: In order for you, the unique manifestation of God that you are, to play your role, God had to block his own memory of the fact that he is God in order to play the role of being you and learn from it.

M: I want very much to become one with God and to remove the veil. I also want to ask, “What are human beings for?”

SG: We are the manifestation of God in finite form. God placed himself in human forms which are multiple in design in order to have multiple experiences so that he could learn of himself [and more.]

M: Even if I understand what you just explained about humans and God, as a person, my mind and thoughts are here within the three dimensional world, so it’s very, very difficult to keep my mind on being God. Where does that leave me?

If your mind is here in this world, when something bad happens, you’re in pain, or you become bitter, or you become attached to your thoughts. How can I move myself beyond this to thoughts of being my God self?

SG: We masters do not have the problem in the same way that you do. What does being a master mean? A master is not someone sitting on a throne, but someone who has mastered life by living in the now. A master is someone who has gradually awakened to the fact that he or she is not this three-dimensional being [alone]. A master is someone who has come into the full realization that he is God come to earth in this form.

If you want to see someone often, you have to visit them often. I say this as a way of saying that if you want to know your God self, you have to go inside and visit your God self often. You can do that through proper, high-level, specific meditation techniques. This is a process that we go through individually until we pay the karma whereby it can be revealed to us who we really are.

Why did God do this to himself? He wanted to have the pleasure of the experience, and he wanted to learn of himself. When an author is writing a book, he must become each character in order to fill out that character. He must live through each character in order to bring substance to that character's life.

The writer must put many details in the book so the reader can get a clear and vivid picture of exactly what he wants to say. To do this, the writer must suspend his own belief system for a little while and enter into each character as if he were that person.

Many writers tell us that when they finish a novel, they miss their characters. Why? Because they have wholeheartedly projected each character from their heart and mind, coupled with imagination, and become that character for a time. From this experience, writers learn of themselves, are entertained, and bring entertainment to others. But at the end of the book, the writer is aware that he is really none of these characters; he is the writer, the author, the creator. What I have portrayed with this example of the writer of a book is not different from the grand author, God. This whole pattern of creativity comes from God himself.

I apologize that we have to go around the mountain to explain the mountain, but that's the nature of your question. (Laughing) This may be the most important question you’ve asked in this hour.

Clarity about the answer to this question is vital for those who truly want to awaken. So play your character well. Live it out fully. It is your dharma. But as you do, don’t take it too seriously. Visit yourself inside to remember that you are the author, that you are God. (Laughing) Is this helpful?

M: Yes.

SG: Yes. It is very important, and it must be written indelibly upon one’s mind, so one does not lose reality. Just remember Saint Germain as one who awakened to his God presence. When this occurred, and later I came to the earth plane to share this knowledge, at the beginning of the last century, we called it the I AM presence.

M: The beginning of the last century?

SG: This is the 21st century. But at the beginning of the 20th century when I made my appearance at Mount Shasta, we talked in the vernacular of I AM. The I AM is the God presence. However, more is needed to include the fullness of God's presence, which also includes love and affection.

Above all, God is passionate love. Therefore, the true secret to awakening to God is to be passionate about life. Be passionate! When you love, love with your whole being. When you care, care with your whole being. Feel the suffering of all humanity. Weep tears if necessary, but also laugh with those who are filled with joy. Express life in your whole self.

If you bring the God presence out of yourself, you’ll discover that you are, in fact, God. That power which is innate within you will burst forth, and you will become free. You will discover that you are God and that there is no difference between you and God. When you realize that there is but one Energy in the universe and it cannot be separated from itself, you will realize that you cannot be, are not, separated from God….ever! So live life fully!

To be continued, Part Four, November 20, 2013

Philip and Saint Germain

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