Cherry Blossoms

Finding Our Guides….
Finding our Spiritual Path

During this year, 2013, I have posted writings on a number of topics. At times I focused on one area for a period of time, and at other times on more random subject matter. If you search through the posts in the archives you will find, for example, a number of posts with poems I have written and published; and also writings on spirit phenomena, spirit world, and death and dying.

There is a preponderance of posts with questions and answers, and quite a few on the contents from spiritual readings. The content from the spiritual readings seems to get the most response from my readers and I think it is because many of us are asking the very same questions.

Starting with today’s post I will, for the next month or so, be centered upon one particular reading I did for a Japanese woman named Midori. It happens to be one I did in Japan, but its contents are universally applicable. It contains answers to Midori’s questions for many stand-alone posts covering an array of vitally important and helpful topics.

I must acknowledge Saint Germain for the greater portion of the content for these readings, as it is he who takes over my vocal cords and channels the information through me while I am in trance. As many who have spoken with him during a reading know, he is always fully there and very personally engaged in helping the client with so much caring and kindness and to the greatest extent possible.  

I hope you will take the time and make the effort to read these posts centered on this one reading, as their contents will be both enlightening and a source of inspiration and comfort.

Part One

Spirit Guides Make an Appearance

While I used a translator for the readings, I only indicate the translator when she is speaking on her own behalf. Otherwise, I use Midori’s words as spoken through the translator with Midori’s name alone.

Philip Burley (PB): Before I pray, I’d like to explain a little bit about how I do this, although I know you’ve read some of my literature. I’ve been doing this for seventeen years, and I was born with second sight. Because I had many, many spiritual visitations as a child, the spirit world was very natural to me. They would often wake me up in the early morning hours before the world has stirred.

The way that I do this work now is to go between a trance and semi-trance state throughout the session, and I use your questions [written on your paper] to make the point of contact for spirit to use. I will hand your paper back and forth for me to hold it and for you to read out your questions one by one.

I never know what Saint Germain is going to do. Sometimes he leads almost all of the session, and sometimes we take turns. I also have a guide named Tiffany who talks [usually] about family, marriage, and children. My guide Dr. Palmer, the founder of chiropractic, may come through, and my Native American guide, Black Hawk, protects the area while we work. There are two or three other bands of people who come in regularly. … I don’t say all of this immodestly, but I like people to know that it’s not I who is doing the work but all of my guides and me together.

Saint Germain first came to me through an instrument like this [holding up a trumpet]. The spirit world builds a human-like spiritual voice box inside of the trumpet. From this voice box are two lines of energy that are connected to the tranced medium’s vocal cords. I have seen them in such a spiritual meeting. The trumpet, in its shape, like a megaphone, amplifies the voice of spirits that they can be heard clearly and loudly enough in the room. … The trumpet is held aloft in the air by spiritual forces, rod-like energy made of ectoplasm that they use to keep it afloat. Due to the invisibility of these rods to the physical human eye, the trumpet appears to be floating on its own when it is not.

… That’s how I was introduced to Saint Germain, through the trumpet. I knew I was a medium and channeler, but I was not seeking to be one.

I hold this [large] crystal because spirit told me that if I use it, they can vibrate off of the crystal rather than using my energy so I don’t get as tired. When Saint Germain comes in, I pick up the crystal and hold it, projecting my thought into it, and then he takes over.

I have a recording of a conversation with Saint Germain via trumpet and it is his introduction to me and beginning instructions for doing this work and remaining in attunement with him.

I'll take your paper now and open with prayer.

Our Heavenly Father and Mother,

This young lady has asked for this opportunity to communicate with her spirit world, that world which is more real than this world; the world from which this world came. She, like all of us, came to earth for a purpose, and you had in mind certain goals for her to accomplish. The reaching of these goals and the solving of surrounding problems is the purpose of her coming to earth. Indeed, the central part of this life is our journey to self-mastery.

Beloved Father, I ask that you pour in the answers to her questions to help her reach those goals and receive information that confirms what she already believes to be true. We thank the guides and teachers who are here to help with this process. Fill our hearts with love and gratitude that we may create the right atmosphere for the best results.

Help me to step out of the way so that everything can come through unhindered by my presence.

All this I pray in divine love and gratitude.

PB: The first thing that spirit shows with you is your hands. I don’t know if you are in the healing field, but I see healing energy in your hands. Are you working in the healing field now, or have you had some longing or desire to work in the healing field?

Midori: I don’t want to do it as a job, but if I could heal naturally without trying to do anything, I would like that.

PB: That’s enough. You have the potential.

Right now, I’m seeing a woman behind you all in white. She is so strong that I can see her clairvoyantly without my eyes closed, and her energy field is gold. As I’m watching, your energy field is also gold. It’s very rare for me to see this much gold. You also vibrate with a very deep color of blue, and so does she. She is a master teacher, and she says the opportunity to open the third eye is very prevalent with you. Are you sometimes highly intuitive?

M: Sometimes.

PB: Yes. The clairvoyance is always there with you, like the healing, and very much so. (Pause) I’m still watching her. She has this big angelic smile on her face, and over her head appears a gold sun. I’m seeing an Egyptian background. There’s tremendous love for you, and she has been with you from your childhood, hidden until now. She is a master teacher. She’s speaking, and I’m hearing her in my right ear. She’s talking about your going to a new level of understanding of yourself. She says that we can do all the techniques to learn how to become spiritually aware, but unless we know ourselves, we are blocked.

M: If we don’t know ourselves deeply, we block ourselves. Is that what you are saying?

PB: Yes. Over the next seven years, your path is to go deeper inside and higher in spiritual understanding. I keep looking at this woman’s aura because it’s so beautiful. It almost stopped me from talking.

Tr: The translator was also clairvoyant and remarked, “Yes, I can see it too.”

PB: It’s so potent.

Tr:  Translator remarked with follow up comment, “Yes, it really is. It goes way out there, and I can feel it.”

PB: In any case, the emphasis will be twofold in that your path will have two purposes: one will be to go higher through spiritual understanding and the other will be to go deeper into yourself. These two must go together, and you’re at that place in your life where spirit wants to work with you on the master level. This woman says you’re blocked from understanding your own power only because of physical existence. People who have potential for great spiritual work often don’t even recognize it in themselves for this reason. She says you don’t have to do anything public with your spirituality. We’re talking about this for you.

She is saying that life is about balance, not about fame or fortune. The ultimate purpose in using the gift of spiritual awareness is always for self-mastery. I’m continuing to watch her, and this is very unusual. They have me completely open spiritually…  This guide goes by the name “Sunny.” That’s the name she’s giving me. It means the sun, or “from God.” She has worked with you all of your life to bring you to this final stage of complete oneness with God. Until now, she couldn’t make her appearance because it wasn’t time. …

There’s also another woman who keeps coming, but I’m not able to see her clearly. She’s here somewhat like a grandmother. Is your mother’s mother in spirit?

M: Yes, she is.

PB: Yes, that’s who it is. Since you walked in here, she has been following me around, saying, “I want to get through, I want to get through, I want to get through,” and she is hugging you right now. She has her arms around you even though you can’t feel it, but I can see it. She’s a very pure soul, and she seems to have suffered in life. She brings you a certain kind of flower, and she’s holding it out to you. It is a symbol of who she is as a soul, but also an expression of affection and love. Of all your family, she’s closest to you. Would you understand why? Did you know her at all?

M: Yes, I knew her.

PB: It’s because of the similarity of your souls. Her husband is here too.

M: I never met him.

PB: Well, he’s on the other side, and I’m seeing him standing right there with her. They’re both applauding you because you have worked hard to pursue this central spiritual path. They are calling you a daughter of God. I don’t know why, but I’m seeing cherry blossoms all over. Did you grow up near them or have a great love for them?

M: It was my mother’s mother, who named me, but she named me after the fir tree because the pine needles never get old, never die, and they live a long, long time. My name means “green” like the long, thin pine needles on the fir tree.

PB: I understand. … Anyway, I don’t know what the cherry blossoms mean, and they’re not clarifying it for me, but I’m just seeing a very large number of cherry blossoms.

Okay, now I know what it is, because she just told me. When the cherry blossoms bloom, there is supposed to be a kind of initiation for you. The spirit world will initiate you. This will take place on the other side, not this side. And after that, there are going to be many changes for you internally. Also, some of the major problems you’ve had in life are going to go away. This is all coming when the cherry blossoms bloom next.

Okay. I’m going to let you ask your questions.

M: You already answered the first question. I really wanted to know who my closest guide is and I feel that I have that answer. [Sunny]

PB: Well, Jesus is also in the room. He’s been standing right over there for a long time, and I’m just waiting for him to connect. I don’t know what this is about. Do you have any connection with Jesus?

M: I really have no connection with him, but when I went to Peru, the moment the plane landed there, I felt Jesus’ energy surrounding me.

PB: Well, he may connect with you here, because he’s standing there, so I know that he’s a force in your life. Of course that always surprises me, because you’re in Japan, and you’re not Christian. But I see him, and he’s nodding, so it may have something to do with one of your questions. Even though I answered your first question, would you read it out loud, so you have recorded? What was the question?

M: Who is the master guide who connects with me?

PB: Sunny, but Sunny is not the only one. She’s the master teacher behind your work, and she belongs to a band of spiritual beings which is a higher echelon of the White Brotherhood, the same as Saint Germain. She belongs with that group. So Saint Germain somehow participates in your life as well.

To be continued, Part Two, November 6, 2013

Philip and Saint Germain