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God’s Energy and Yours Are One
Let Go and Let God ….

In this final portion of Midori’s reading, there is no longer a sense of her feeling spiritually unsure of herself or her future. The process she was taken through took her to a higher place of spiritual vision and understanding and that is the objective of the spirit world when they come and impart wisdom and love specifically for a person.

I was greatly pleased to serve Midori but did not know of the content where Saint Germain spoke until hearing the recording a number of years later. I am sure that this entire reading, spread out over more than a month, will be meaningful to many readers.

Enjoy as you read the final post from Midori’s reading ….

Part Five

Finding God, Finding Self

Midori: I have a couple of questions about my health. The first one is about my eyes. I have very weak eyes, and I wear contacts now, but every once in a while there are spots in front of my eyes where I am not able to see at all. I am nervous about the possibility of going blind in the future and want to know what you think about this. I have other questions relating to this question.

Saint Germain: You will not go blind, but you should have your eyes checked. Philip has a similar anomaly. It has to do with both tension and nerves. It comes and goes, doesn’t it?

M: Yes, it comes and goes.

SG: Yes. Have a doctor look at your eyes, but don’t spend time worrying about it. You will not go blind.

M: I have heard about laser surgery. If I had that surgery, would something go wrong?

SG: Our Dr. Palmer [Philip’s spirit guide] was speaking to me while you've been talking. He says, by all means, you’re on earth, so use the earthly opportunity to have your eyes checked out first. You are in a physical body, so use a physical doctor. After all, everything is God. The doctor is as much spirit as I am. It is not my specialty to know about eyes, but today, we are talking with you primarily about self-mastery. You are not the average person, and you are not to live an average life. Your search and your drive for God and for spiritual things is far, far above average, so in the healthy sense of the word pride, have great pride in the fact that you are who you are. Then, seeking self-mastery with complete trust in self and complete faith in God, go to the doctor and ask to be examined. God put us in the physical world because it serves to grow the spirit. Yes, the two worlds are one.

M: I understand what you are saying very well today, but there is a very, very strong part of me that is not able to believe in myself. I don’t understand why I can’t believe in myself.

SG: Yes. The medium you are speaking to went through the same thing. That is the human side of self, and it is exactly why we have to have faith in a power greater than ourselves. It is not a bad trait to not believe in self because it is what causes us to search. If you totally believed in yourself, as some people do, you might ignore God. As proficient as Philip is with this work, he often suffered from feelings of inadequacy, a sense of unworthiness, and even inferiority. Again and again, he felt badly because he did not have faith in himself. Then one day, he threw it all out. He totally surrendered to God, having complete faith in God instead of himself. He gained a kind of self-image and confidence that is an eternal one.

Again, “I am God, I am not different from God.” In other words, get to know your own God presence. Go inside often enough, do the proper meditation techniques, and meet your own God self. Once you have that experience, life will never be the same. You will not look at yourself or the world ever again in the same way. And when that happens, you will be an expanded universal being. That is the goal of self-mastery.

Now I am going to take my leave. You have no idea how delighted I am to have spent this time with you. You are a beautiful soul, and your future is going to be very meaningful. Do not fear it, but as things happen on your path, accept them, embrace them, and know they’re there to teach you not so much about others but about self and God.

We thank you for your patience and your trust in us. Just know our love is always, always near, and you may call on me anytime. I shall go to Egypt with you.

M: I am very happy.

SG: Yes, yes. I shall be there with you. God bless you. This is Saint Germain.

Philip Burley: He just whispered in my right ear and said, “We did a good job, didn't we, Philip?” I said I don’t know! (Laughing) This was a good session. I feel the energy.

M: Oh, it was great!


Philip and Saint Germain


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