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Withdraw from the World Outside
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Among the many spiritual readings that I did in Japan in 2003 is the following excerpt. The reading was done on October 21 for a lovely woman named Maki. Maki had belonged to various spiritual groups but could not find fulfillment or satisfaction in her spiritual life. This segment from the reading includes Saint Germain’s words in response to her questions and obvious needs. As with all of my readings, I began with a prayer….

Finding Our Self By Our Self

Father, as we begin, I feel your presence very much and the presence of several high masters.

I ask your blessings upon this young woman, that all the questions she has written here may be answered by you and spirit. All of us are looking for specific answers in life to walk our spiritual path correctly, but the truth is there are never any mistakes on that path. Every up and down and every turn right or left is on purpose. All is to teach us about ourselves so that we may learn of our earthly self and of our higher self, and in that higher self know your presence. Therefore, may this reading contribute significantly to the answers she seeks in the quest of her life.

I thank you for all those gathered here in spirit for her and for their coordination and help. All this I pray in divine love.

… Saint Germain:  I am here, God bless you. This is Saint Germain. I am so pleased to be with you today. Even though I have met many people through this medium, this channeler, no two are alike. They are like individual snowflakes. Each one is different.

All of us go through seasons of the spirit. Everyone I know personally and any master teachers whom I have spoken to would at times like to go off in a cave somewhere and just sit and do nothing. In fact, some of us do that for a time.

Again, beloved one, you have to learn what your own soul is telling you. Many people go to all kinds of organizations for social reasons. In fact, there are people who for years and years attend certain meetings in which they get nothing from it except friendship, and there is nothing wrong with that. Then there are those who go both for friendship and to gain higher knowledge and that is good too. The larger question is the eternal question: Am I growing spiritually higher from this experience? If you come up with the answer that you are not, then it is time to look around for something new [or additional].

If a parent was feeding a child and the child didn’t grow, they would question the food they were providing the child. They would change the diet, add more, or take something away, and they might have to experiment. Then when the child took certain things and started growing again, they would know they had the correct diet. The fundamental way to know you are growing [spiritually] is to ask yourself whether or not you are happy and gaining greater peace. Only you can answer those questions. If the answer to those questions is no, I am not getting happier, and no, I am not getting more peaceful, then you must question whether what you are doing is of value for eternal purposes.

A true master always does that which edifies the soul, and he or she leaves those things that do not do that. Because our reason for being on earth is to find higher and higher truth, then many times we masters live a very lonely life. True self-enlightenment does not come in groups. We may get certain knowledge in groups and certain edifying loving experiences, but for the actual growth of the soul, we need to be isolated. All the great masters went off by themselves [for a time]. This was not because they didn’t love people, and not because they were negative, but because their experience taught them they needed to be alone to go inside where they could commune uninterrupted with their higher self and God.

By these criteria, we cannot tell you what to do, but we can imply the best path. You have to discern the truth of what we speak and act from your own consciousness. If you were a lesser soul, I would tell you do this and this and this. But you are not called to live just the average life. You are to be a master of self, and to do that, you must learn how to discern truth from falsehood.

I can say this however: whether you leave that group now or in the future, you will leave it. When a child grows into adulthood, it no longer wants or eats baby food. It wants solid food. So if you are truly living what any group has taught you, you will grow out of it eventually. When anyone seriously lives any truth from any group, they eventually grow out of it.

Life is progressive, moving ever upward and upward. It is not stagnant and repetitive. This is why we go from the first grade up through the twelfth grade and into college, learning higher knowledge and expanding our life experience.


Philip and Saint Germain


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