What we search for to be completed is not to be found in anyone or anything in this physical world. Our destiny for eternity is the spirit world and an awakening and returning to the Love of the universe that not only gave us life but sustains us tirelessly. This poem expresses the universal yearning of human beings searching for and finding that what they have been looking for in the world outside has been ever waiting inside. The quest is over when we finally search long and hard enough inside to discover what we have been looking for was there all along.

You Bring All Light into My Being.
You Bring Me to You within Me

lotus on green water


You Are My Life

I enter the temple of my heart.
It is open and willing.
It is waiting in earnestness and humility.
No matter the hour, I cannot sleep without you.
This yearning, this unending longing never ends.
And it recycles down through the years.

I must touch the hem of your garment of love.
I must embrace your presence in my heart.
I must answer the cry of my whole soul.
I must go inside, in out of the world.
I must go to that place where peace abides.
I must allow you to embrace me fully.

Nothing, no one, can touch me as you, dear God.
You bring the peace to my mind I so hunger for.
You bring the stillness to my heart that I long for.
You bring all light into my being.
You bring me home to myself
You bring me to you within me.

“Is this real?” I ask myself.
“Am I fooling myself about you?
That you are all love?
That you live in me as your own?
That you have always been there?
That you will never, can never, leave me?”

“How else could life be?” you ask me.
“How can anything exist without life inside?
Not a leaf,
Nor the waters of life.
Not you or anything or anyone else.
You live because I am inside."

And so I turned and turned again.
I turned to you with a yearning that will not stop.
I turned to you to find myself.
And here you are
Speaking to me through me.
I shall sleep in peace.

How can I ask for more?
I want for nothing.
I rest my weary, worrisome mind.
I settle into your presence.
I float in the love that you are.
You are my life.

Philip Burley
The Hum of Heaven, Page ­­­113

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The Hum of Heaven

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