This poem needs no further words from me!

I Am Being Breathed Through
It Is Not I Who Is Breathing Me

Blinking in the sun


The Breath of Life

I stare off into space.

I am looking to find and know myself.

I breathe in and bring life to the center of myself.

This connects me to the Life of life.


As I focus upon the precious process of breathing,

I return to my Origins, to my Parent.

He breathed the breath of life into me.

And I became a living soul.


I breathe with focus upon my breath.

I know that I am being breathed through.

It is not “I” who is breathing.

Of this I am sure.


On and on goes my breathing.

I watch as my lungs rise and fall,

Whether I am conscious or not,

My life goes on and on.


I observe a distancing from this body.

I see that its life is from Above.

Pouring in with love and light…

It keeps me alive and well.


From my first breath on this earth to my last,

I know that it is not I who is living here.

I have but to stop in this way and see.

It is not I who is breathing me.


Philip Burley
The Hum of Heaven, Page ­­­78

Mastery Press


The Hum of Heaven

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