This poem needs little explanation. It is straight forward and written one morning when I had just gotten up to start my day. Every day has its blessings and trials and I was setting my mind and heart accordingly as I turned to God’s presence to lead me for that day and all days of my life.

I Release Your Presence By Letting Go
All That Is You Is in Me


Bent tree sky scene


I Trust in You

I trust in
Inside of me.
I release Your presence
By letting go.

I am a man
Who just rose from a night’s sleep.
I am facing the day
As it unfolds.

Thoughts made of individual words
Trail through my mind.
Which do I chose to

Who am I without my thoughts?
Are they mine anyway?
Without them,
I am a man who just rose from a night’s sleep.

I let go
Just to be in the moment.
I am not a blank slate.
All that is You is in me.

The yearning ceases
As I rest in You.
Dwelling in You,
I am set free.

Are beyond thought.
Are the energy of love.

My core energy
Is You.
All that I am,
Is You.

This is the highest truth:
Your timelessness is mine.
Your love is mine.
Your mind is mine.
Your peace is mine.

How can I not trust in You?

Philip Burley
The Hum of Heaven, Page ­­­32

Mastery Press


The Hum of Heaven

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