A Legacy of Love, Volume One: The Return to Mount Shasta and Beyond, with Saint Germain

As Channeled Through Philip Burley          

            In the tradition of Edgar Cayce, mystic and spiritual medium Philip Burley worked closely with his master guide, the illustrious Saint Germain of 18th century France and Mount Shasta fame, to bring words of truth to the world. As he speaks to the heart and soul of every reader, Saint Germain moves many to tears with his love, inspiring us to climb ever higher on the mountain of spiritual attainment.

             To fulfill the purpose of this life and realize your divine destiny, you need to realize fully, through direct experience, the reality of God in you and you in God. The Parent of us all sees each of us as himself, for he took from himself to create all of us! You are why our Heavenly Father exists. He loves you as much as he loves himself.

Saint Germain

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ISBN 978-1-883389-56-7


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